Performer 112

Funny Feelings – 112

Girl I, girl I, Got “that” funny feeling, Oh yeah, yes I do. “112 yeah, Q” Everytime I try to kiss your lips, you turn away. And when I

Sweet Love – 112

You on top of me Can you feel it I’m gonna make your body drip all over me Baby me inside of you Soooo take off all your clothes

Call My Name – 112

Whenever you need my love Whoa, baby call my name Whenever you need my love The time has come Baby, I know you have someone Who won’t give you

Knock U Down – 112

Ooooh…The way I wanna knock you… Verse 1: Girl you got just what I need Bring it here to me You can stand in front of me Or get

Can I Touch You – 112

Come here baby, yeah Can I… Can I touch you Make you feel so good I know you want me to So sweet my goodness, love so sexy Won’t

Smile – 112

He made you cry yourself to sleep Reminiscing on how it began You found pleasure in this man And you fell like an autumn leaf For his lines now

In Love With You – 112

All the love you’ve given me All the ways you show your love and Girl it drives me crazy Every day our love grows stronger Everytime I see you

Peaches And Cream – 112

Let me tell you what I wanna do, Let me show you that I’m feelin’ you Wanna sex, wanna ride with you Wanna taste, wanna put my lips all

Dance With Me – 112

I can tell by your eyes that your feeling me and I really want you to get close with me. So wont you dance with me…dance with me. My

Damn – 112

Damn why’d you have to look so good? Damn why’d you have to be so sexy? Ohh ohhh Damn why’d you have to dress so flyy? Why’d you have

I Think – 112

he said that you were losin your mind and that you dont know how to treat a man but baby you do me just fine everytime he comes around

Still In Love – 112

As I take the time, To tell you how I feel, yeah yeah. In spite of what you feel, You really need to know, my love for you is

Love Me – 112

Do that Puff Daddy shit, son! Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, what, what, what… ATL, Harlem World, ATL ATL, Harlem World, ATL 112, Harlem World, 112 112,

Na Na Na Na – 112

This is the? Long Long He Love? fe the gal dem, Na, Na, Na Na, The Rapper Don and 112 he nah gon stay pon the shelf. I wanna

Pleasure And Pain – 112

Though my mind’s right now not sure You’ve always been there for me Though my heart never feels secure Why can’t you take a further step To let me

Right Here For You – 112

You already got a man..ooh (112) right here for you But I see the way he treats you and baby I know I can treat you alot better..ooh (112)

Knock U Down (Interlude) – 112

girl: what? guy: yo come here girl: what? guy: yo, just close the door girl: excuse me? guy: let me holla at chu, i needa holla at chu girl:

Slip Away – 112

Baby, I wish you would have recognized the love I had for you when it was in my heart and, when it was there for you, because now your

Closing The Club – (with Three 6 Mafia) – 112

I’m in the club drunk as hell, with my dawggs 112. I gotta 112 girls I’m tryin to sell a dream to so I need to holla at the

Everyday – 112

things ain’t always what they seem check it people look at us and say “man they got it made” they signed a record deal and now them boys is