Performer 2PAC

Outlawz – 2Pac

Nigga westside Westside in this motherf**ker Westside in this motherf**ker right here Westside in this motherf**ker Westside in this motherf**ker right here Westside in this motherf**ker Westside in this

Troublesome ’96 – 2Pac

la la la lala la… all ya niggaz die troublesome nigga Troublesome 19-motherf**king-96 Westside Let it be known nigga the boss of all bosses Makaveli hahaha Menacing methods

U Don’t Have 2 Worry – 2Pac

C’mon, get in the car, get in the f**kin car man Yo why you trippin man? Get in the f**kin car man Get in the f**kin car.. get in

Trapped – 2Pac

Happiness, living on tha streets is a delusion Even a smooth criminal one day must get caught Shot up or shot down with tha bullet that he bought Nine

Changes – 2Pac

Come on come on I see no changes wake up in the morning and I ask myself is life worth living should I blast myself? I’m tired of bein’

Baby Don’t Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) – 2Pac

I feel you {uhh} .. (baby don’t) but you can’t, you can’t give up {Hey.. 2Pac what?} Baby don’t cry, I hope you

Str8 Ballin – 2Pac

but no. I’m up before the sunrise, first to hit the block. Little bad mothaf**ka with a pocket full of rocks. And I’m totin’ these thangs, get my

Never B Peace – 2Pac

Now of course I want peace on the streets But realistically Painting perfect pictures ain’t never work My misery was so deep Couldn’t sleep through all my pressures In

If My Homie Calls – 2Pac

Ever since you was a pee-wee, down by my knee with a wee-wee We been coochie-coo all through school, you and me G Back in the days we played

Tradin War Stories – 2Pac

A military mind nigga A military mind mean money A criminal grind nigga A criminal grind mean hustle You know Chorus: 2Pac (repeat 2X) We tradin war stories, we

River That Flows Forever – Danny Glover – 2Pac

When your hero falls from grace, all fairy tales are uncovered Myth exposed and pain magnified, the grace pays uncovered He told me to

U Can Be Touched – 2Pac

Life… What the f**k is life for niggaz like us? Been waking up to another muthaf**kin’ day I’m the type of soldier, A nigga that seen Everything in my

Thugz Mansion – 2Pac

Tired of gettin chased by the police and arrested Niggaz need a spot where WE can kick it A spot where WE belong, that’s just for us Niggaz ain’t

I Ain’t Mad At Cha – Danny Ray – 2Pac

I guess change is good for any of us Whatever it take for any of y’all niggaz to get up out the hood Shit, I’m wit cha, I ain’t

Redemption – 2Pac

(Thug Life bitch, goin out like that) Once again! Hahaha! Once again! Hahaha! (Thug Life bitch) Y’all can’t kill me! (Goin out like that) Hahahaha! Y’all can’t

Skandalouz – 2Pac

We’s gonna talk about these scandalous hoes I can talk about scandalous bitches Oh I know you can! I know you that’s why we gonna do it

Death Around The Corner – 2Pac

Mother: I know what’s wrong with that crazy motherf**ker He’s just stand by the goddamn window with that f**kin’ AK all day You don’t work, you don’t f**k, you

Temptations – 2Pac

“Heyyyy! Heyy-ayyaahhyy” –> Erick Sermon (Redman’s “Watch Yo’ Nugget”) (sample repeats until first verse) You know what time, boo-yaow I know it’s time for you So grab one by

Panther Power – 2Pac

As real as it seems the American Dream Ain’t nothing but another calculated schemes To get us locked up shot up back in chains To deny us of the

Black Starry Night (interlude) – 2Pac

Aiyyy, I got to get my props for 2Pacalypse O. P. D. — what??! When this album come out, niggaz can kiss my ass Did you think I’d fall?