Performer 311

Nix Hex – 311

Sways away the haze They spent contemplating, formulating, theory siring above me swimming Pay tribute to the few we look up to Come again You my soul fool Who

Hydroponic – 311

Found around knocked out of bounds wound into the mind of my stone cloud. Taste the thinnest of oxygen rising higher a stoner cus I can groove something. Wrecking

Freak Out – 311

You can’t disturb the course of P & C & T & D & me I’m on a mission To set straight The vice, the curse, the date, the

Visit – 311

You’re heading for a fall brother it goes right past him. In another world he’s in another place you now the need for speed. Is just another form of

Feels So Good – 311

I spend my time healing and mending, together Its a question of whether live positive well i give P-Nut joins our back, must be arthritic Tim is from the

Paradise – 311

If it isn’t one thing rest assured that something. Will come back and pay you for your deed A shortcut’s a self defeating means, if you cannot do it

Welcome – 311

Welcome to this groove you can move right We gonna take you higher not caught in the quagmire I can’t survive on a stupid nine to five I’d rather

Unity – 311

Their petty complaints, stupid restraints ain’t gonna work. It’s all to cheese and regret, don’t fret, just push it away. And say I’m like the wind, relentless and irritating.

Plain – 311

Thinking of a plan a way to stay on top of it. Nailin’ in I have a fit if I sit, sit doin’ nothin’. Which is what. I done

My Stoney Baby – 311

Is the first to chill upstream. I want your fish right by me. That’s how it has to be. The songs I sing they don’t mean a thing if