Performer 98 DEGREES

This Gift – 98 Degrees

The city is white Your eyes are shining like diamonds tonight And we’re all alone There’s no one home You’re finally in my arms again The night is silent

Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) – 98 Degrees

Hold me close all through the night I know!! that deep inside you need me No one else can make it right Don’t you try to hide the secret

The Hardest Thing – 98 Degrees

This is wrong And baby it’s killin’ me, it’s killin’ you Both of us tryin’ to be strong I’ve got somewhere else to be Promises to keep Someone else

The Way You Do – 98 Degrees

You’re heard this a thousand times before I’m in love with you You’ll hear it at least a million more Baby that’s the truth It’s the small things that

Take My Breath Away – 98 Degrees

I’d find a million ways to write your name Against the sky Just to let you know, you’ve caught my eye And if I had more than wealth could

Invisible Man – 98 Degrees

wait to tell all your friends How his kisses taste sweet like wine And how he always makes your heart skip a beat Every time he walks by And

You Should Be Mine – 98 Degrees

And I can see you wanting more Inside your eyes Are telling me what you’re looking for A love that’s true Someone that you can lean on To pull

I Wasn’t Over You – 98 Degrees

I call you after every show In your voice I hear a funny tone Somebody’s holding you Now you see me on TV I thought you’d be proud of

Dizzy – 98 Degrees

No more admiring you from afar You walk by and I get weak in the knees I can get next to you and I get dizzy dizzy The way

Heaven’s Missing An Angel – 98 Degrees

isn’t mad at me Because I have one of his angels And she’s here with me When I see her precious smile And she spreads her wings It takes

Hand In Hand – 98 Degrees

that we will always be Even though the road seems to get a little rough It’s for you I live I can do anything And it will never be

Christmas Wish – 98 Degrees

Christmas ain’t the same without you Waiting for the day I’ll see you again It’s Christmas night I’m by the fireside Wishing that you and I Could share our

Never Let Go – 98 Degrees

Until the day that you came in You open my eyes bright in all of my days You changed my life in so many ways Without you in my

Give It Up (Interlude) – 98 Degrees

Now here’s a story One we both know About two people When they lost their self control If we’re not careful It might be you and me When things

Fly With Me – 98 Degrees

I wanna make you feel alright Alright with me Let me mend your broken wings And set you free, girl it’s alright Girl can’t you see Let me take

Little Drummer Boy – 98 Degrees

pa rum pum pum pum A new born King to see, pa rum pum pum pum Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pum pum pum rum pum pum

My Everything – 98 Degrees

the search for strength to carry on my every hope had seemed to die my eyes had no more tears to cry then like the sun shining from up

Was It Something I Didn’t Say – 98 Degrees

Wondering when I’m gonna ever see you again Thinking what I would give to get you back baby I should have told you how I felt then Instead I

If Every Day Could Be Christmas – 98 Degrees

What a wonderful world this would be We could carry this feeling within us All through the year (All through the year) If every day could be Christmas Christmas

You Don’t Know – 98 Degrees

Every time I see your face Too many feelings left behind Do you wonder why I turn away when you look at me Never wanting your eyes to see