Performer 999

Emergency – 999

We’ve learning to ignore You must confess this awful mess Isn’t just a bore It’s more than we could bear But you don’t really care Kiss of live to

Crazy – 999

You don’t make it easy Don’t you give a beggar a chance Dry on the outside Wetter on the inside It aint exactly romance Feelin like a fumble Bit

Me And My Desire – 999

Taking all that I require Such a pretty sight to see And there’s nothing left for me Well you know it’s wery funny And I don’t have much money

Chicane Destination – 999

Chaos or automation Gathering forces coast to coast Trusting allies watching hosts Mark them early see them young Modern clear cut fighting gun Chicane destination Impach imminent no evasion

Direct Action Briefing – 999

Tierd of playing My word against your word Who’s that talking Talk talk talking My ways not your ways Oh I’m so tierd of sitting here Need to get

Hit Me – 999

Whatever I do You have to devastate my race It’s such a disgrace Come on, give me sympathy Come on and hit me, try and outwit me Come on

Pick It Up – 999

Get your cheap free advice on radio calls I wanna wear clothes that I care about The shirts that I shoose Let’s give them something to talk about In

I’m Alive – 999

This isn’t what I wanted to do I just cant belive it I would like to leave it And get into something new Just about to lose my mind

Titanic (My Over) Reaction – 999

Trying to find a way out People stare like they’ve seen a ghost You know it leaves me in doubt What I say and the way I dress It’s

No Pity – 999

Try the hard way take a dive Got a new one call it sue Wont be long now coming through Have your own way I don’t care This is