Performer A HA

Keeper Of The Flame – A-Ha

Give it up for rock Give it up for how it made you feel Give it up for vinyl days Kicking back from school Turning out to make it

Move To Memphis – A-Ha

You were the one who taught me better This old town brings me down You were the one who told me you’ve got to Move to Memphis That’s what

You’ll End Up Crying – A-Ha

With your mother’s eyes Pretend you can’t see yourself Could have been better Could have been worse You could have been yourself Brought up in mom’s arms Nowhere to

Cry Wolf – A-Ha

I dreamt of a wolf…” He came from where the winds are cold And truth is seen through keyholes …strange longings never sleep Now he’s come where no hearts

I Wish I Cared – A-Ha

To trust completely or let it be You don’t know my destiny You can’t see what i can see Hey – i wish i cared Hey – i wish

Cannot Hide – A-Ha

Standing in the light I feel your cat’s eyes on me Faster in the night I move inside Got those eyes Something’s burning baby That’s alright You and I

Slender Frame – A-Ha

On your slender frame There’s many roads to lave by But few come back again I don’t believe it I believe it Take a look around and see What’s

Over The Treetops – A-Ha

Whenever I pass by I’m thinking I will Find someone like you Goodbye avenue And then I’ll be yearning for this too Over the treetops fly Birds in the

You Are The One – A-Ha

Guess you knew from the start I call again, but there’s no one in Don’t know where, with whom you’ve been But I do Love you Anyway you want

Early Morning – A-Ha

Eight o’clock precise I see the lonely August sun arise Say you know You will Move me like you do Out on the fields… I’m waiting the whole night

The Living Daylights – A-Ha

I swear my nerves are showing Set your hopes up way too high The living’s in the way we die Comes the morning and the headlights fade away Hundred

Time & Again – A-Ha

The moon caught me The wind fought me The rain got me The road sent me The years bent me The stars overwhelmed me Time and again But now

Thought That It Was You – A-Ha

The things you saw me do They were true Little did i know You found me in your joy And there was i, a little boy My shadows they’re

Holyground – A-Ha

and lift it high I’ve come to say goodbye You’ve got your live And I’ve got mine Sometimes hard to draw that line I like to walk And my

How Sweet It Was – A-Ha

Lend us a voice In this howling night Just about a month ago You made a promise, babe Not to go Yes, you did now You were the heart

Touchy! – A-Ha

I can’t hear a word the waiter says She’s looking older now…the color of her hair She walks into the room too pleased to find me there Me I’m

Rolling Thunder – A-Ha

And our fate before us Like a rolling thunder Rolling up from under Don’t ever leave this way I know it’s getting harder, but hey If your world should

Lifelines – A-Ha

One time to know how it feels That’s all One call – your voice on the phone One place – a moment alone That’s all What do you see?

I Won’t Forget Her – A-Ha

She was once my love When i hold you in my arms Oh yeah You know i’ll let you come to no harm Oh yeah But if one day

Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count – A-Ha

As she’s walking out of the laundromat Down the street and it’s the short way home Feeling special cause she’s so alone But we know: (the world’s full of