Performer ABATTOIR

Under My Skin – Abattoir

You done it this time like never before over my limit can’t take it no more My blood is boiling can’t sleep at night awake in a cold sweat

The Only Safe Place – Abattoir

Trapped in a nightmare lost and hellbound Two leaders are at command the pressure of countdown Tendency toward the threat survival a main reason A live in piece is

Screams From The Grave – Abattoir

They come in the night And they’re searching for prey The look in their eyes will burn you away Piercin’ the wastelands they sweep Thru the plains Cutting the

The Enemy – Abattoir

A cry of pain and shout The call of war is out Roaring guns throughout the night Gothic lines stare in fright Bodies burn and ash from flame Treaties

Bring On The Damned – Abattoir

apocalypse in ten weeks astronomical secrets Elect the saints we won’t neglect Man began to multiply daughters born to them for the chosen to select Sworn and bound by

Stronger Than Evil – Abattoir

I see the swords – I hear the sound Me commrades falling to the gound We’re fighting til the very end My mind is hell-bent on revenge Stronger than

The Living And The Dead – Abattoir

Oh feel the despair The hopeless prepare To mock and deface The whole Human Race The Last generation It’s the end of the nations It’s coming true All around

Nothing Sacred – Abattoir

Look in the darkness see the fire burning bright A shadow flickers an unholy light Watch the little children their drems brought down Run to hideaway of the shame

Vicious Attack (MANIAC) – Abattoir

He walks in the streets He talks in your sleep He stares in your eyes He laughs as you cry Silence is his way Slicing thru the day A

Ace Of Spades – Abattoir

If you like to gamble I’ll tell you I’m your man You win some you lose some It’s all the same to me The pleasure is to play- It

Temptations Of The Flesh – Abattoir

I see fire in your eyes Feel our bodies burning from the heat Magic runs through our veins I’m with you now and thrusting in deep And then your