Performer AC DC

Two’s Up – AC/DC

Three is company Come on, Last stand Down to my last dime I ain’t got the sense to leave The dealers cutting fine Last draw Back against the wall

Rock Your Heart Out – AC/DC

(Ooh yeah Ooooooh yeah, yeah Yeah) Got the devil in you Got the devil in me Play a dangerous tune Come on and dance with thee You got to

Let There Be Rock – AC/DC

Back in nineteen fifty-five Man didn’t know about a rock ‘n’ roll show And all that jive The white man had the schmaltz The black man had the blues

Rising Power – AC/DC

Dog day, it’s Tuesday Hope that girl she’ll come today Hard life, it’s a city life Sweat keep pourin’ down I got my feet up, like to love Through

Fire Your Guns – AC/DC

Wild beast, I’ll make you mine Taste your kiss, sweet lips devine She got moves, drips of sweat She got eyes of blue, body curves ‘n Legs that’ll break

Caught With Your Pants Down – AC/DC

Runnin’ ’round with the wrong crowd Goin’ out on a last stand Playin’ too hard and too loud Bad cards in a bad hand Wanna dance, wanna sing Whip

Back In Business – AC/DC

Breakin’ out, about to shout Feel the need for one more round Don’t you struggle, don’t try to bite You want some trouble, I’m the king of vice I’m

Big Jack – AC/DC

Workin’ up and down the line, The party’s getting ready, He’s been working it so hard, When it comes to lovin’, Big jack is on his way, Wink of

Deep In The Hole – AC/DC

I’ve been enchained She got shackles on me That woman to blame For the hell and misery Can’t find my way outta here Shoot me down in a burnin’

Shoot To Thrill – AC/DC

But you don’t know which way you wanna turn Just keep a coming and put your hand out to me ‘Cause I’m the one who’s gonna make you burn

Badlands – AC/DC

I am a pistol packin’ man with a gun in my hand Looking for a woman that will understand You like to roll and I like to ride I’ll

Spoilin’ For A Fight – AC/DC

Well I’m coming back to a fork, Sliding down a road, Gonna lick Â’em on down, We’re gonna run right out, I’m a fighting fool, And I’m hungry for

Who Made Who – AC/DC

The video game says “Play me” Face it on a level but it takes you every time on a one on one Feeling running down your spine Nothing gonna

Sink The Pink – AC/DC

Put your gear into fire Lay your bullets on the ground Turn your head to desire There’s a woman going down She said she’ll rough you up, all the

Snowballed – AC/DC

Crashed out of the market, out on the floor Washed up on the shore Bombed out of the City, out of the door Thrown up against the wall Put

Hail Caesar – AC/DC

He be the count of Monte Cristo Could be a quake any day Maybe somebody from Siam Begin the era of a new rage Keeps lickin’ all the honey

Whiskey On The Rocks – AC/DC

I’ve been drinkin’ all night long So long baby, I’m gone Bloody Mary give me shivers from a shot Set up the shooters it’s time for

Jailbreak – AC/DC

There was a friend of mine on murder And the judge’s gavel fell Jury found him guilty Gave him sixteen years in hell He said “I ain’t spending my

It’s A Long Way To The Top… – AC/DC

Goin’ to a show Stop in all the by-ways Playin’ rock ‘n’ roll Gettin’ robbed Gettin’ stoned Gettin’ beat up Broken boned Gettin’ had Gettin’ took I tell you

Brain Shake – AC/DC

Alright, hold tight I want to ball tonight On my fender, no space defender I enjoy it on the floor, I get it tight Toe to toe with a