Performer ACID BATH

God Machine – Acid Bath

For individualism and ripe brains The skull farmers do their rain dance And pray the machine falls to sleep She holds me close And whispers wet “there are cannibals

Bleed Me An Ocean – Acid Bath

Mother’s cool reptilian womb Ain’t so cold tonight My fingers trace the exit wounds by graveyard light There’s bone dust in my throat and everything is DEAD but it’s

Dr. Seuss Is Dead – Acid Bath

We await… life Dr. Suess is dead A cloud of flies obscure the sun A stone is dropped A dream undone Ripples grow and ride the tide The dead

Dope Fiend – Acid Bath

Why do you love to feel my pain? Why do you love to suck my life? Why do you look so motherfucking dead? ..Dead? Dead? Why do I feel

Scream Of The Butterfly – Acid Bath

Her eyes were like the sky Rabbit howls like something old As we twitch to a lullaby The scapel shines in god’s sunshine The Streetlights whisper pain Down here

Jezebel – Acid Bath

Would you love me? Her throat is soft Her lips are red Her thighs are white Her heart is dead Jezebel Red rope Burns around her wrists Her blood

Toubabo Koomi – Acid Bath

We need a new whore We don’t give a fuck We just want more Blood We want Blood We want blood I’m gonna fuck the whole in Kennedy’s head

What Color Is Death – Acid Bath

The shade of an ice pick sinking into flesh Sex-n-sex-n-sex-n-death I don’t want you I want your flesh Close my eyes and dream of death Slip away and take

Tranquilized – Acid Bath

Cold skies full of blue The sun burns forever It reminds me of you On your dead shore The sand is warm She hides her tears and quickly lets

13 Fingers – Acid Bath

Harvest is a’ coming in the season of Dying I trace the skull in your face and remember I kissed a girl with 13 fingers Mutate Insectile Mutate I

The Blue – Acid Bath

I see what you are You wanna kill the sun Blot out the stars I know you, you’re nothing You’re so small You’re fucking nothing Nothing at all The

Dead Girl – Acid Bath

There will never be another one that dreams like you Dead girl There will never be another one that screams like you When death sleeps, it dreams of you

Graveflower – Acid Bath

Stoned I awoke in your temple To blackness above you And death beside me Where kitchen knives conspire Razor blades make bloodless love Like Murder The ghost of a

Finger Painting Of The Insane – Acid Bath

I woke up alive black with stain Glistening and new, the sunsets coming Fingerpaintings of the insane Come on and sterilize me Kneel down and idolize me Suck me

Paegan Love Song – Acid Bath

If I was ever alive well it’s hard to say It was kissing my eyelids and burning my face away Dying felt so goddamn good today We dance the

The Bones Of Baby Dolls – Acid Bath

Grave games in the courtyard I heard her screaming like a radio Flower girls play lover Grave games in the courtyard I heard her screaming like a radio Mary

New Corpse – Acid Bath

The pagan flames burn through the night Everything’s mine Blackness my whore I bleed the light Everything’s mine I know my time is coming soon Everything’s mine Miles of

Locust Spawning – Acid Bath

Spine will twist, heads will cave I am the funeral dancer on the outer wave… the outer wave Spine will twist, heads will cave I am the funeral dancer

Venus Blue – Acid Bath

As slow as grave moss Like drowning in dry oceans of bone dust I taste the wreckage of crumbling faces I know the pale thing in the darkest of