God Gives Head In Heaven – Aeon (Sweden)

You want your god to come and take your pain away Your Christian god will always say that he is your friend But I know for fact that all

Biblewhore – Aeon (Sweden)

Slave bastards you are Living a lie under god I laugh at your Jesus Christ Open your eyes He looks so pathetic weak nailed to his cross Like zombies

Spreading Their Disease – Aeon (Sweden)

But already they are irritating this world They need to be stopped before they grow strong A world without knockers and one problem is gone Door to door they

I Hate Your Existence – Aeon (Sweden)

You kneel before the crucifix Praying loud A thousand prays that don’t exist It makes me sick When you caress that cross Wearing it around your neck My fingers

Bleeding The False – Aeon (Sweden)

I want you dead stabbing killing you flatline I know your names You spread your lies to make yourself the bigger one You think that lies will get rid

With Blood They Pay – Aeon (Sweden)

Standing at our doors They try to turn our minds Jehovah people they will burn Lies after lies they try to feed us with The ending is now near

Bloodlust – Aeon (Sweden)

Warm blood food makes me strong Father of sin I am the one you call son of night Let me feed on your mortals Bloodlust Father of sin let

Eternal Hate – Aeon (Sweden)

Living my life ending yours Love to hate Utilized the light with lies I breed hate suffer I am reality I am the bringer of eternal hate I bring

Living Sin – Aeon (Sweden)

I don’t seek forgiveness don’t step in my way I spit at the holy I revel in sin I laugh at his children I repent nothing No one can

Luke 4:5-7 – Aeon (Sweden)

The old ones dies kids are not forced to go Empty church teardown the walls Satan rise to dominate The time is now Dominate Lambs of God Terminate For

There Will Be No Heaven For Me – Aeon (Sweden)

Face to face And still you try to turn me To Jehovah ways You are brave to confront me again With your ten Jehovah men Still you bleed hard

Satanic Victory – Aeon (Sweden)

To get rid of them I see them telling lies In every church they lie They have no future in my eyes Kiss this world good bye I am

Hell Unleashed – Aeon (Sweden)

Years of darkness demons full of hate Angels die they suffer the lambs of god Darkness forever our time has just begun Hell unleashed Christians run evil dominant Meet

The Awakening – Aeon (Sweden)

Rise to rule once more Create reality As it was always meant to be Enslave the week crush all the enemies Crawl obey the new dark order Enslave the

Godless – Aeon (Sweden)

Those who follows you, they will all be blessed But the answers you seek is opaque How can you still believe in such a lie Holy bible was written

The Return Of Apolluon – Aeon (Sweden)

To destroy what god create Landscape after landscape They march fast full of hate Apolluon lord of destruction We summon you o mighty one Apolluon lord of destruction Return

Forever Nailed – Aeon (Sweden)

And his mission is to rule the world Wake up from your dreams Face reality read my lips Second coming never Christ denied Forever Jesus dead You think that

You Pray To Nothing – Aeon (Sweden)

Pray and the world will be a better place If you got a problem then come to church In here you can pray them away Let’s sing a song

Hate Them – Aeon (Sweden)

They think they are above our heads They read the bible and they kiss the cross They do a lot of things that makes no sense They read the

Caressed By The Holy Man – Aeon (Sweden)

Gather inside the bible house 1879 the holy man invites you in He welcomes children from everywhere To his pleasure place The doors are close and now its time