Performer AETERNUS

Warlust – Aeternus

i feel its pulse it hammers the sky volcanic winds of blooded rage mind tearing frost shall provide brutal death once again you shall feel the darkened realms warriors

Cuchulain – Aeternus

Son of god and mortal Under warrior’s moon Shining one of an age gone by Throw the spear of destiny Spill the blood Victorious you stand In flames Live

Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance – Aeternus

beneath a sea of abundance content with the nurture of our native land we are awakened in torment stabbed by the oppressors blade a silence slashed by tyranny’s hostile

Raven And Blood – Aeternus

knowledge – increasing wandering through lands listening – mysterious folk lore enchantment – through books desire – to learn the truth to seek the raven – and the blood

The Summoning Of Shadows – Aeternus

Entwining the immortal souls Of those darkened through eras Of hatred – war and betrayal Coming forth their fiery passion Sweeps through the night In agony they await The

Slaying The Lambs – Aeternus

as a newborn plague i see the land infested by gods holy worms scattered around they lie christ’s soldiers untameable flames rage over distant horizons shades roar across the

Under The Eternal Blackended Sky – Aeternus

I am standing alone My mighty wind Unfold your dark wings The glory of war I am still seeking strong My strength is hate Darkness – quell the sun

Prophecy Of The Elder Reign – Aeternus

Remains as the true glory Within a warrior’s heart See the blackened sky The ravens as they fly Prophecy Chaos and majesty Revealed from the dust Of village that

Sentinels Of Darkness – Aeternus

there, on the tranquil traces of my white, clear land. No need to fear opening the gates to travel, it comes so nearly to make you feel the glorious

The Lair Of Anubis – Aeternus

tombs of ancient souls lie in sacred forms ruler of the dead speak the names of might hold the sacred rite once you walked the earth now to dwell

Sons Of War – Aeternus

newborn fear descents hordes of death led by two sons of war born to conquer born to kill doing my deed phobos – deimos sons of war their bloo

DarkStorm – Aeternus

where suns and moons are pitch black where demons fear the darkness where cold is death mystic god unholy wars no honour in death the black dawn is here

Dark Rage – Aeternus

By my hand As a worthless pale memory They look upon the old The defiling of our land And glorious nature Shall become their undoing As we lay our

Burning The Shroud – Aeternus

you’ve feared it ignored but truth never lies its existence marked at the birth of time the darkness inside the shadows that dance in your soul to deny is

Resurrection – Aeternus

By clash of thunder in the night of storms An unborn power is invoked Of ancient times – yet young By the full moon’s rays The storm’s song is

The Essence Of The Elder – Aeternus

traveling in the essence of chaos time and matter dissolving about me a journey beyond death your blood pulses with a thousand years of existence standing proud before those

Descent To The Underworld – Aeternus

The mighty oak arises From its roots Flow rivers of death Shadowed bodiless forms The rotting cores of the damned Drifting – howling to blackened skies On rushing waters

Wrath Of The WarLord – Aeternus

beware of the barriers they are weak blinded we were led astray behold as the truth of might returns manipulation open your eyes and see your failure the whirlwinds

SoulSlayer – Aeternus

screaming for justice you will not provide you always lie slaying the souls of people who do not know why do you do this you cowardly bastard you cannot

There’s No Wine Like The Bloods Crimson – Aeternus

Bloodred fields The sun in its last breath Providing the shadows of the trees A moment to dance before death Still – Their makers dance In the cold breeze