Sixteen Innocent Children – Afterworld

The day was warm but cloudy, and their eyes were so clear But out in the alley, there was a man carrying a gun His mind was full of

Nothing To Lose – Afterworld

These issues however are the ones you have to deal with. Sometimes you fail to handle these things and eventually you’ll find all of them in front of you.

Behind Your Eyes – Afterworld

Even if you don’t care about the majority of the people, there are always certain people you need to trust. In the relationship between two people trust is maybe

Second Chance – Afterworld

You feel that you lack the strength and ability to go on. As the time has done its healing process you can admit that the issues you found very

Money Money Money – Afterworld

We felt that there was some hidden potential in this song and wanted to do our own version of it. I work all night, I work all day To

Power To Kill – Afterworld

everything goes just fine if we don`t resist You can do nothing on your own, you`re just like doll You can do nothing on your own After all it`s

Virtual Angel – Afterworld

My life`s like empty black room, Without future, without love My world`s like empty black hole, All the hope has gone forever Would you give me something surprising, Tell

The End Becomes – Afterworld

that night was cursed by the shadows of the war Too many reasons, too many minds Flames of hell now raging everywhere What is happening no one know`s you

Dark Side Of Mind – Afterworld

Painful memories, coming to my mind, soon I`m thinking nothing more than fear, again…Dark side of mind! Darkness now surrounds me, it`s peaceful everywhere, time to make your nightmares

Ending Our Days – Afterworld

Waiting of this better day is now over. But as it seems this day turns to a disaster… Final day is closing in, there is no way we can

The World Of Hypocrates Part 2: – Afterworld

Far from the southern vulcanic sirens comes the hope through the winds… Don’t try to talk, don’t even try to move You are too weak to think, or try