Hail To The Chief – Agent Steel

I will accept all the hate you sell me Official I will believe all the lies you tell me I’m weak But you know what’s right You know what’s

Into The Nowhere – Agent Steel

A tortured life is spared of vision And it’s painful when it’s worn The cloak of shame spares no protection His world is made of steel In his hands

Evil Eye (Evil Minds) – Agent Steel

The revenge that you seek will all come back to you Do you know what you’ve done? No justice was won Exaulted will be who were trampled upon There

Insurrection – Agent Steel

Are their fingers bloody? If you asked questions would you feel the fool? Mass acceptance Feeds the flame of propaganda Do we trust them or are we their tools?

Awaken The Swarm – Agent Steel

The earth and sea are not your home Soon our eyes will see the truth Elimination offering the proof Underneath us as above us Monitoring our existence Shame to

Destroy The Hush – Agent Steel

Cherish your freedom Let nothing deny you Your enemy hides from the truth Clings to the darkness (cowers in the shadow) You are the essence of proof Positive vision

Ten Fists Of Nations – Agent Steel

Syphon life and paralyze Enforce the peace – Give medication Convincing man to compromise A modern Christ – A new messiah Born of war, from blackened sand Anointed lord

Forever Black – Agent Steel

Camp Hero, a tribute to time traveling Horus Stationed on top of an undersea mountain A piece of Atlantis where Montauks are pharaohs NOW THE AIR IS FULL Of

Apocalypse (World Without Windows) – Agent Steel

I am decay Corrosive rust of time you’ll never wash away I am the bitter cold, the frozen wind, the frost of hate Across the plains I sweep to

Back To Reign – Agent Steel

Sinners walk proud show their private lives Depict deception the wrath is on Kiss of a queen bite of a snake Deadly poison venomous fate Feeling down and out

Enslaved – Agent Steel

To end all their misery Caused by their ignorance They pray to those who would be king To Gods – We gave the men To Gods – Who never

Fighting Backwards – Agent Steel

Waiting for the rest to land Extended faith they betrayed our friendship Imprisoned us by our own hand Time for us to wake and rise up May be too

W. P. D. (World Pandemic Destruction) – Agent Steel

Sickness and disaster Spider webs dispensing untold tiny sticky strands Teeming with disease Arrive while vaporizing Germs are cast adrift infecting we who share the land Hemorrhagic lungs Drenched

Tiamats Fall – Agent Steel

Primordial begetter Apsu did reign A spouse he creates Tiamat, the mother Beauty and pain Celestial Godz A battle ordained shall be fought The chamber of fates The son

Bleed For The Godz – Agent Steel

Sun torches victims skin Priests rise to command Blood spills the altar stairs Sacrifice to their gods Sun sets the slaves all die The hearts of humans left to

Fashioned From Dust – Agent Steel

We need to see the signs Bred to believe – not contemplate Division of the mind Born of death – as slaves to gods We’re vessels for their blood

Children Of The Sun – Agent Steel

We carried the gifts that our priests had restrained Chanting awaiting the gods of the sun We’re children of sorrow captors of none A hole in the sky And

Wash The Planet Clean – Agent Steel

An army bound of will in unity If you’re not with us you’re against us But us is always you And we is never me I see a planned

Indestructive – Agent Steel

Into the mouth of the triangles lair, The Erra presage tells us It’s time The open door pulls you in as you’re lured, See the coming Atlantis will rise,

Human Bullet – Agent Steel

Mission classified Neural Probe Map your mind target Run the maze my loyal pet Recall your orders and the rest forget You are close So close to the perfect