Uncle Sam – Agnostic Front

We’ll drain the life from you The internet so cool tax dollars hard at work Built my new swimming pool You think you elected me so trust I know

Your Fall – Agnostic Front

we’ve waited years to witness this fall. today we see the truth among curious lies. we’ve come to seek justice with our own eyes. brick by brick we slave

Standing On My Own – Agnostic Front

Standing on my own Never tried no suicide standing on my own Everyday I’m moving forward even Though it seems a little bit awkward Lost myself a thousand times

Still Here – Agnostic Front

Still in your face, still fucking here! Till my last dying breath! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! So many have come and gone, only a few have stood the test

Existence Of Hate – Agnostic Front

What I once saw would become like everything else The same – The open eyes of youth would close down just to cracks I would – never again see

Retaliate – Agnostic Front

can’t keep up the gaurd, i must break within. i’ve kept to myself, obeyed my script. now i’ve violated into a boiling fit. i’ve givin fair warning, best known

Public Assistance – Agnostic Front

Or looking for handouts Why don’t you go find a job You birth more kids to up your checks So you can buy more drugs Cash in food stamps

Growing Concern – Agnostic Front

The statues go crashing And all of your ancient ideals Your morals we question Put them to testing Rules broken you thought were of steel Scrupleless children We number

One Voice – Agnostic Front

fought pain with time and hate. here i stand alone and on fire in a room with a view, a fence with barbwire. today my world ends and so

Bastard – Agnostic Front

like the beatings and bruises you gladly through. and when it came down for mental support a blatant strike was how you would resort. tell me what i have

Crucified – Agnostic Front

Live for now–Don’t understand today See the kids–But don’t hear what they say Close your eyes and look the other way Say the end justifies the means Gonna lock

Pedophile – Agnostic Front

Take another breath in This world Your perverted mind will bring you down to this She’s barely 10 years old You’re fucking sick! Kill yourself suicide It’s about time

So Pure To Me – Agnostic Front

So Pure To Me The Strength We Built Through Honesty The Life We Live So Pure To Me The Strength We Built Through Honesty Our Loyalty We Won’t Betray

It’s For Life – Agnostic Front

If you want to stand for something You better stand tall and proud Don’t try to walk the fence or play both sides Be ready to fight when they

Dead Yuppies – Agnostic Front

Gotta work and still can’t pay rent See them walk by in the latest fashion The streets are filled with just me and them When money is your god

Shoot His Load – Agnostic Front

Riding subway trains Got ripped off twice Ain’t gonna happen again Withdrew a hundred dollars Bought himself a piece Can’t depend on anyone He’s his own police Fourteenth Street

Force Feed – Agnostic Front

the barriers built then to reform undesirable prey. removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles. once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar. for in this house you

Politician – Agnostic Front

Your line and see what bites Need to clarify your way with violence in our Minds each day Now the time is here excuses made from fear What we

Pride, Faith, Respect – Agnostic Front

This is dedicated to our fallen soldiers of the DMS Crew You are gone but never forgotten Con amor vaya con dios We strive in honor for our brothers

Now And Then – Agnostic Front

never thinking then of the hundreds i’ve hurt. their morals and family so deserted, you see, back then my mind was conned, caught in a pipe dream. understand my