Performer AGONY

Blood Addiction… – Agony

I’m killing innoncents with no mercy to please myself! Drinking their blood is the reason why I’m taking their lives! Always ready to practice my barbarian demise on themselves!

Vociferation – Agony

See them come infinitely! To inflict their reality, To rot in Horror! HORROR! See the bloody gore spill! From bodies, of the last race! Spirits from the other side,

Mortuary Oppulent – Agony

Lifeless corpses of the last RACE! The living look dead and death is so beautiful, As you live with those disease! Man as create these insanities, With cash in

Obsede – Agony

Je ne suis plus maоtre de mes impulsions! Cherchant un petit coin intime, Pour mettre en pratique mon aliйnation! Йcervelй par ma nйcrophilie, cette psychose m’envahit Quant il s’agit

Self-Butchery – Agony

Ready to practice on myself! Slowly I’m loosing my senses, Feeling this atrocious pain, Powerful and so intense, Taking the control of my brain! As I practice my self-destruction,

Post-Cataclysm… Suffering Days – Agony

Distressed environment, What happened to humanity, Paralized! Sickness is omnipresent, In this world, and must go throught pain! But alas we just thwril, Some days of sadness, For our