Performer AION

Birth – Aion

Your birth Is thete any chance for you to grow up in it, In love and peace? No, because I Know that all attempts to Change hatred into love,

The Lord – Aion

Now my time has come and I’m the LORD. Sword and axe cleared my path to the throne, From which I’m lokking now at the rest, Realms of my

Time Of Reconciliation – Aion

All the bad and all the good Will stay behind us. Ages of hatred, years of suffering, Gardens of love, rivers of pain. Let’s leave everything behind, let’s forget.

Symbol – Aion

He’s always creeping in the gloom While I am standing on His way He approaches slowly and creeps to me I recognize Him – this face and this smile

The Anthem Of Victory – Aion

Said burn your Docs Throw out your Cosom, Your Details, Your Vogue She hate fashion hypocrites And the puppets that spew forth She hates people who hate, but she

Headless Cross (bonus) – Aion

Look through the people, and on through the mist To the hill of the headless cross Where all witches meet, on a night such as this, And the power

Holies Unholies – Aion

So much sorrow and fire in the name of a Lord With the name of God spoken out We hurt our fellowmen We’ve been doing it for ages I

Collapse – Aion

Covered the sun and the night fell. The Lord of hideous monsters got the mortal, Grips with the king of light. Two minds and two bodies clashed with Each

The Way – Aion

Like convicts who went this way before Sometimes I see… Along the way marked with furrows, I go Like convicts who went this way before Sometimes I see their

Whispers – Aion

You close your eyes and see some body Float over it, it’s your body!!! You are departing although you want to say You are feeling safe That’s good although

Before Dawn – Aion

Tell me about your dreams The time has stopped our souls Have joined our dreams have created The beautiful sight Before dawn everything is so real The scream is

Image – Aion

It is like taking the Earth all her flowers away Today I uncovered loneliness for myself It is like I have already not lived among you Tomorrow I’ll resurect

The Prayer – Aion

you were talking about my first steps you showed me good and bad people you tought me what kind of man I should become you didn`t tell me that

Days Of Fight, Days Of Hope II – Aion

On it’s blazing chariots. The scarlet rain lashes around, The flames bathe on the wind. My body trembles, but my mind bravely beats back the attacks of the invader.

The Black River – Aion

Flowing among the stones. The river is black. When you bend your head In a glimpse you can see a sad face It’s fading and then your face appears

Bad Place – Aion

He wants to be your saviour by torments and sufferings He wants to give you a freedom. The villain lusts for fulfilment today You have never supposed that you

As Ice – Aion

Grief only and teardrops on face remained In a cold cell black angel rests – the mother Does not cry, cold as ice, which iced up Tiny limbs of

Days Of Fight, Days Of Hope I – Aion

It was beautiful light, great flash Time as if it was standing still I felt that everything had changed; The angelic warmth embraced me; Once again I was eager

Temple Of Love – Aion

With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain at hand You run for the cover in the temple of love You run for another but