Performer AIR SUPPLY

We Are All Alone – Air Supply

We are all alone that’s the way it seems to be Love is in my sight and I can see it if you can Where do we come from,

Young Love – Air Supply

Lately all my thoughts have gone to you You know that’s true Sometimes I feel just a word away You’ll say oh how I miss you too I do

It’s Never Too Late – Air Supply

Take the river to the highest mountain Take the ocean to the farthest sea I’d take back everything I’ve said to hurt you If you’d come back to me

Why Don’t You Come Over – Air Supply

Don’t you worry, pretty baby Everything’s alright Its another day tomorrow and another night. You can tell me how your feeling every single word I was having trouble sleeping

Come What May – Air Supply

When she looks at me I know the girl sees things Nobody else can see All of the secret fears inside All of the craziness I hide She looks

I Wanna Hold You Tonight – Air Supply

Soft as a last goodbye These are the things we learn to be Calm as a distant light That shines on an island night These are the thoughts that

If You Love Me – Air Supply

there’s no sense if we can’t see beyond how we feel. Honestly, how do we know what we need? what can we believe?, help me to know this is

Let’s Stay Together Tonight – Air Supply

I feel your hand in mine, I touch your skin Your heart is calling out You want to let me in, to let me in Your lips are silent

O Come All Ye Faithful – Air Supply

Joyful and triumphant O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem Come and behold him Born the King of Angels O come let us adore him O come let

More Than Natural – Air Supply

Love, I’ll help you to see The world is ours, it used to be But now it’s changed so much We have to change it back Soon will be

Tell Me Of Spring – Air Supply

Come to me at Spring every little thing just makes me want you so I, I’m like the worn leaf Blowing to and from until I find my home

Believe In The Supernatural – Air Supply

Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural I’m going back just a

I Just Like The Feeling – Air Supply

I just like the feeling You give me when the time is right I just like the feeling When you tell me you’ll be here tonight Let me believe

I Can’t Get Excited – Air Supply

Every since feeling now would take my life into a year ago You say you love me again I can’t say what I cannot do It’s been too long

Lost In Love – Air Supply

I realize the best part of love is the thinnest lace And it don’t count for much but I’m not letting go I believe there’s still much to believe

We Are All Children – Air Supply

Bound by the sacred and searching for love We are all children adrift on the sea Searching for someone, say come back to me We are all children covered

Don’t Tell Me – Air Supply

You were late last night, the candle burned so low And in my darkest hour I knew you had to go Did he hold you like I held you

Just Another Woman – Air Supply

Just another woman In my life Just another woman Lost in the night Just another woman Keepin’ in touch with a man Knock upon my window Late at night

I’ll Find You – Air Supply

We touch and feel, to hurt or heal And in the end We run so far from who we really are And we starve and thirst, we praise and

Feel For Your Love – Air Supply

I’ve got money to burn I’ve got life on the avenue I’ve got nothing to learn I just do what I want to do I’ve got places to go