Performer ALASTIS

The Sign – Alastis

Can you guess the coolness of stares Can you give blood for that Can you forget to keep control Now you have to decide, You’ve got the key, you’ve

Just Hate – Alastis

through my dreams, shall grow my knowledge Just hate…on your face Just hate…in your eyes You’re alraid, you’re afraid of everything You try to hide, to hide it from

Existence – Alastis

I need to know how tomorrow will be Force the cage of time, the heaven’s gates I need to believe in my destiny I look at my life, deny

Slaves Of Rot – Alastis

Appears in your mind And you retrieve your instincts On your decision Open gates on a new truth You understand You’re only temporary In this matter’s body Come on,

Antidote – Alastis

Seeing that anger governs your acts Seeing that you can’t accept the common rules Seeing that I’m your only chance to survive No need for a god or prayers

Fatidical Date – Alastis

From hate caused by his suffering From his horde of faithfuls in trance From his thirst of blood and death Will be born a storm of torpor And horror

Eternal Cycle – Alastis

Forgotten by human conscience Kingdom of unfailing sufferings Unaware by all beliefs Black sky…the eternal cycle Soulless bodies…the eternal cycle We’re blind by its greatness Its shadow hangs over

In Darkness – Alastis

These creatures Whirl `round on me? I want to know who do they obey. Which Occult strength manages them? I’m living in darkness Far from this world I’m living

Who Created The Gods? 4.48 – Alastis

Afraid of the truth Afraid of doubts Afraid of differences Poor souls, betrayed by the picture they’ve done of evil Convinced by their peers, they acceded to the top

By Thy Name – Alastis

I`d like to feed the hate in your look I`d like to guess the death in your thoughts, Don`t let the hope`s rays flash through your hate! Children of

Burnt Alive – Alastis

Present in our past Close to the beginning Familiar to the end She was open to the love She was open to the truth That’s why she was tortured

Ghastly Fancies – Alastis

While the fears turn into bravery Good like evil doesn’t mean anything The awake power has chosen its side To rise my aura to the other side To break

Another God – Alastis

Everyone loves me Everyone dreads me Everyone respects me Soulless, maybe a wizard Free from… I’m just another god Everyone knows him Close at hand shades… a real presence

The Just Law – Alastis

many of them perished in the flames by the holy road and church’ names But your name stays high in our spirits for you’ll know to reward your servants

The Right To Die – Alastis

They’ve just succeed in doing fanatics They’ve tried to do soulless killers They’ve just succeed in reviving fire God isn’t better than the others Adjust yourself and think to

The Elect – Alastis

And the same nobility and the same slaves And the same gods and the same laws And the same hate which raises us We are the elect, don’t expect