Go Ahead – Alicia Keys

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Broken promises My heart you stole Lies you told Got the best of me Digging in my heart of gold Used to look

I Need You – Alicia Keys

walkin around cant keep my feet on the ground we used to hold hands but now u dont give a damn about me why cany u see? (chours) ineed

Where Do We Go From Here – Alicia Keys

Where do we go from here? Maybe you won’t go, maybe you’ll stay Oh I know I’m gonna miss you either way It’s such a lonely road Where

How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore – Alicia Keys

If what we had was good… Verse 1: I keep your picture beside my bed (mmm) And I still remember everything you said (mmm) I always thought our love

Troubles – Alicia Keys

(Dear Lord, I cant take no more This pain in my heart That just bothers me Day by day and at night The stars feel like A shadow through

Samsonite Man – Alicia Keys

He’s a man so full of style and grace Any woman being impressed Takes a smile and paints it on your face Makes you feel like you’ve been blessed

Goodbye – Alicia Keys

How do you love someone That hurts you oh so bad With intentions good Was all he ever had But how do I let go when I’ve Loved him

A Woman’s Worth – Alicia Keys

You could buy me diamonds You could buy me pearls Take me on a cruise around the world (Baby you know I’m worth it) Dinner lit by candles, run

Girlfriend – Alicia Keys

Album: Songs In A Minor Titolo: Girlfriend Baby, silly for me to feel this way about you and her Cuz I know she’s been such a good friend I

So Simple – Alicia Keys

What is And what it was What should it be When it comes to you And how it seems And how it is There’s been a change When it

Lesson Learned – Alicia Keys

and now it’s raining Just to rub it in I’m at your door I feel so crazy bout’ it You say I told you so You saw it long

Slow Down – Alicia Keys

Thing that you should know what’s on my mind Oh baby I’m feelin our situation It’s getting stronger, how we want it But I gotta take my time See

U Don’t Know My Name – Alicia Keys

from the day I saw you I really, really wanted to catch your eye there’s something special ’bout you I must really like you ’cause not alotta guys are

Tell You Something – Alicia Keys

tryin to keep it all together while the time just slips away see i know nothing lasts forever Imagine there was no tomorrow imagine that i couldn’t see your

Wild Horses – Alicia Keys

The things you wanted I bought them for you Graceless lady you know who I am You know I can’t let you slide through my hands Wild horses couldn’t

Superwoman – Alicia Keys

Nothing seems complete I stand up and I’m searching For the better part of me I hang my head from sorrow Slave to humanity I wear it on my

Heartburn – Alicia Keys

Come on A. Keys. Let’s go Lemme Lemme, Lemme, Lemme Lemme tell you something Tell ya how I feel When he comes around I gettin to feelin ill It’s

If I Was Your Woman/Walk On By – Alicia Keys

Yeah, yeah let’s do it like this If I was your woman And you were my man You’d have no other woman You’d be weak as a lamb. If

Butterflyz – Alicia Keys

Lately when I look into your eyes I realize You’re the only one I need in my life Baby I just don’t know how to describe How lovely you

The Life – Alicia Keys

Walking down the street I find that I’m coming closer and closer to losing my mind ‘Cause when it rains, it pours Isn’t life worth more? I don’t even