Game Show Host – All Living Fear

So come on down and pay the price Your hearts desire for a moments thought My winning grin is already bought You can trust in me (Chorus) He’s a

D>D>N>X> – All Living Fear

Wanted money for her honey, had to pay to give her pearls. Just a smoky bar, in another cheap hotel. She displayed her wares to the clientele. This girl,

Forgive And Forget – All Living Fear

I have no idea just who you are. I don’t know what it’s really for. I’ll keep on looking to be sure. My friend, my very special friend, is

Sorry – All Living Fear

my friends and me, we’d stopped out late. nothing to do, nowhere to go, put the car into gear, hit the open road. karl at the wheel, driving too

Prisoner Of The Silver Plane – All Living Fear

when she knows you can’t defend. so wrapped up in deception, a reflection is her only friend. not everyone is taken in, by the image you portray. if your

Last Goodbye – All Living Fear

my picture in the psper, with a small covering story. on the next page a eulogy by my mum, a little praise for her little boy, the one that

L’Enfant De Mort – All Living Fear

You were playing with your dolls and toys, But now you’ve swapped your toys for boys. Unprepossessing daughter of Eve, How much for him to bear your scars of

Scream Me A Whisper – All Living Fear

frustration snapping like a dog at my heels. no love is lost on humanity, no love has come my way for many a year. the verbal arrows they penetrate.

Excuses – All Living Fear

erotic thoughts spark your desire. Lust filled eyes stare brighter, heaving chest, your breath pulls tighter. Sensual touch, it tingles. Redolent sex, perspiration mingles. Forbidden fruit it ripens, tension

Insomnia – All Living Fear

Searching for that seductive bliss. Fermenting shadows, dance and taunt me, Restraining me from the velvet kiss. In the forest, the black, deep forest, The trailing tendrils of my

Each And Every Way – All Living Fear

a means of communication. i’d hesitatate but, you wouldn’t wait. so a song was the only soulition. the consolation of verse, a musicain’s curse. just a heartfelt insperation. I

Tour De Force – All Living Fear

All the pieces fall into place I’m running with no place to hide The king sits on his throne The final stitch is sewn The DJ spins a silver

Home Too Soon – All Living Fear

Does the illusion still elude you. Though I am grown now in my father’s eyes. You give no blessing but it’s my right to decide. Couldn’t care less; it’s

Eternal Sin – All Living Fear

And the vaguest hint of compromise still proves to be my last. My hopes and doubts of recompense rest on your silver tongue. The silky tone you say goodbye

The Nearly Man – All Living Fear

He remembers yesterday, an inch away from fame. A life of love and promises. A legend in the game. Opportunities gone by, nothing, stays the same. Wrong place, wrong

No One But You – All Living Fear

sexual pleasures of the self, toys to tempt and things to please me. look around and help yourself, but don’t touch if you’ e’ gonna tease me. emotionally snared

Inside My Mind – All Living Fear

when my mind says yes, your body’s saying no. come on little honey, let me know just how you feel, I’m tired of always dreaming, let me try it

Last Season – All Living Fear

they think girls are all the same. I know different, I know true. see if you can and see if you do. when you walked into the room, I

Tug Of Love – All Living Fear

Don’t mistake the way I feel or you will soon discover That I’m empty, there’s no love in my heart for you. If you trust me, then you should

Natures Land – All Living Fear

with thoughts of bitter days. when everybody used me, in oh so many ways. I think I’m alone now, in a world that doesn’t care. for me there is