Song Each And Every Way – All Living Fear

a means of communication.
i’d hesitatate but, you wouldn’t wait.
so a song was the only soulition.
the consolation of verse, a musicain’s curse.
just a heartfelt insperation.
I know these words maybe few,
but they’re sincere and for you.
in the hope of reconciliation.

why did I take you for a fool.
I had the chance and broke therules,
I treated you bad when it should have been good.
took you for grated, didn’t play by the book.
my trumps card’s played, the jokers gone.
what can I do to right this wrong.
please belive these words I say.
I’m sorry in each and every way.

never showed concern, when the tables were turned.
you had to find your own soultion.
all the problems were yours,
never cared for the cause.
just resented them for their intrusion.
your mum and dad were the same,
their attitude never changed.
always saying how you could have done better.
all my mates were as bad,
saying I should just forget you.

i’d be pleased if you’d try.

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