Song Eternal Sin – All Living Fear

And the vaguest hint of compromise still proves to be my last.
My hopes and doubts of recompense rest on your silver tongue.
The silky tone you say goodbye awakes the nightmare past.
The words you use with soft caress still drive the dagger home.
Remind me of the life I lost and all the damage done.
The scars I bear, both in and out remind me of the pain.
I caused that night I gave my heart to you to take my name.

You take the same pill now yourself to ease your wretched hand.
Welcome to the real world where life is just a sham.
Welcome to the darkest depths where hopelessness prevails.
When one door closes, another shuts, there’s truth if all else fails.

We live our lives so separately yet tread the same old road.
Our destiny of emptiness that fate’s already sowed.
The cross we bear upon our back burns deep under the skin.
The carnage caused by love alone is my eternal sin.

It’s better to have never loved than once to love and lose.
The gift of life, so precious, rare is not one I would choose.

i got a real bad feeling that my baby not coming back to me mo more
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