Performer ALTAR

W. E. B. – Altar

I have competed and now completed This is my future, this is my score Take my life from the book Like they’ve done before You are the choice, you

Jesus Is Dead!!! – Altar

Blessed with the soul of a god Lustful demon’s sperm Shoots the virginal flesh Holy infant born To restore the house of god To spread lies And give false

I Am Your Provider – Altar

The reason you can’t sleep is lying next to you You are afraid you’ll die A dull pathetic life scares the hell out of you You wet the bed

On The Throne – Altar

Now I am for sure I took the left hand path, Towards a mental shore Destiny is at my feet I dive into a sea Waves are uplifting me

Judgementality – Altar

He must pay for one’s mistake, endlessly Now confront the judge punished for his deeds And when you think it stops then it just begins Severe punishment the judge

Spikes And Pain – Altar

Up on this hill See if you know This thing I see…..Called pain You’ve heard this shit before The risk is up to you You’ve seen this man before

C. C. C. – Altar

Too much shit in my veins Has polluted my brains Walking my way home This terrible night Will end in a fight I don’t need excuses My patience has

Red Harvest – Altar

The harvest of this year With arrogance these men destroy They seem without a care Children crying, People dying Environment’s a waste A storm will rise, nature shows The

Hypochristianity – Altar

Stand up to face before me So god, of weak and poor Just dare to stand before me So god, of an honest life Show me that you can

Wasted World – Altar

And what do we do, we tear the the place apart Whelmed in darkness our world begins to fade There’s one conclusion, we have no second chance Another scandal,

Egoverment – Altar

The naked truth of a big mistake Another part of this family A gift from god what a fake Why call them parents? They don’t give a fuck Why

Throne Of Fire – Altar

You took another destiny The screams you’d heard were awfull real Like they suffered a life of insanity You smelled the pain of distorted desire And took the path

Hate Scenario – Altar

Total chaos rules Rape and violence we don’t care Man still makes wrong moves Mass frustration our daily news Divides the nation moral madness brews Disorder spreads all over

Divorced From God – Altar

You are 21 and found the only son No longer wild, now you want a child Afraid of your insecurity You want to be a family In the church

Psycho Damn – Altar

No troubles at all Living on this world Never thought to fall Human life problems I saw around me Then my life changed And I had to see My

The Unbeliever – Altar

And what you wanted too So many years ahead The world belonged to you I still believe in you And what you want to do The things you left

Sick – Altar

I will never be your friend Stop convincing me Why don’t you understand That you are an asshole without hope That you belong at the end of a rope

Eidolon – Altar

I am spoiled, I’m raised in wealth I’ve learned to care just for myself I don’t take time to wait for things I please myself with what’s interesting ‘Cause

Punishment For Decency – Altar

When do you want to make a stand You fear God will reject you Of entering the promised land You are weak, fear the open road You can only

Generation X – Altar

Not to follow my example I am from a generation who’s Got the X factor in it’s head Get your phone, dial the number One hundred six six six