Performer AM I-BLOOD

No Friend – Am I Blood

Fear is the one I lead To desecrate your life To be a god of time I have no friend, I use myself You hesitate my words Oncoming day

Ceremony To Fear – Am I Blood

The mass of people touches my frozen soul A sound delights my ears I’m here alone And it flatters her slow vanity Chaos – Ceremony to fear Picture on

Awake – Am I Blood

Pulls the teeth out of bone flaked arm Fucker little beast like boring mother Small head inside her room-mate For your love if I do this thing to you

Gone With You – Am I Blood

Before I wake I always see That dream where everything is dark But I feel I`m tied with chains It won`t let me go it won`t let me wake

Things You Hate – Am I Blood

This cry of distress is a tripper into woebegoned You wreak veangence on innocence to hold This century is own impossibility Forbidding anxiety walks through whole ending year I

The Saddest Grief – Am I Blood

Pain was an abetor from cradle through secluded life All can’t be seen Just the shattered dreams Inside of me-Exciting me Light of the dawn is as dark as

Sorrow – Am I Blood

Into my pride Cannot say I’m satisfied Crawling into my enemies Never seen a war before Where I’m loosing my recall Night disgracing me Nothing can press me Night

The One Who Forgives – Am I Blood

A while ago I wish you wouldn’t leave today Pride is running front of me It’s all I can Behold here! See that empty joy in blinding me There’s

Disgrace – Am I Blood

The charm of novelty exhausting my fear of charity Love like a strong brick to the heart A bound reality Lock to a frayed cage that sways Down to

Endless Energy – Am I Blood

Screaming at the emptiness the only time is past Lurking with a pure virignity a suffering The goal I see on my visual field disappears so far Calling myself

Emotions – Am I Blood

Fascinating form a low divided voice The fantasy of bodytalk a limit for flesh Nitrate ass not a god’s meal, creation So it takes a rest on that bed

Examination – Am I Blood

Leave me alone to sleep The circle of waste Psychiatric pistol has raped Fingers of a lovely room No matter how they regard Mirror is silent and dark Wasting

Day Will Be Executed – Am I Blood

Hook into flesh not a test Extreme pain agitated violation excited anger ends Spiritual masturbation location of death Life is the opposite Blood and flesh Mind is positive Lies

The Final Scream – Am I Blood

Standing shadows between the times Reacting clock is a ticking lust Things are happening too fast in rust Eat more brains than you request Suspicious child, not immortal Annoying

Nothing Realistic – Am I Blood

Too late to see how weak is your faith Longer I live Deeper’s your cult Angry for selfish filth You try to keep your face and cover your pain

Lust – Am I Blood

To find your head from the ceiling Let me hit the door with a can Full of fingers, I’m praying Born to be human another day with a Candle’s

Collapse Of Ritual Belief – Am I Blood

When your eyes begun to blind Infinite desire Deed of charity satiated For occupation of Queenly mystery Through the flames back to fantasies I’ll obtain my faith How long

Suffocated Love – Am I Blood

His dream was too deep in dirt The only thing what he wanted to see Was a tale that they should not hear The colours of the sky turn

Determined Anger – Am I Blood

As a friendly undead morning acid You started to feed a power into Your harmless piece of human A hole means ahead on the bed of scale Sliting a

The Truth Inside The Dying Sun – Am I Blood

I steal the light that feeds your mind But I must be one you have escaped I am a witness of you lies The purest judge and executor But