The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter – Amon Amarth

Raging across the world With a fury that defied the memory of man Terrible wars were fought, The like has never been seen Men slew without a thought The

The Fall Through Ginnungagap – Amon Amarth

A burst of flames threw me into oblivion The life I knew – Seems distant and unreal A fading dream, a memory I can’t recall Am I real –

The Beheading Of A King – Amon Amarth

But Erik was prepared Five hundred Germans had come to his aid On horseback with their spears The fleet was carrying two thousand men Eager to drain blood But

Revenge Of The Zombie (Six Feet Under Cover) – Amon Amarth

Maggots crawl from out my skull The worms they feed upon my brain The life I lost I now regain And my skin has molded green Bullet holes through

Victorious March – Amon Amarth

Walks the bloodsoiled ground With rhythm these Five warriors march No matter how much The bleeding wounds From enemy swordcuts Hurts to the bone The revenge they sought Was

Death In Fire – Amon Amarth

Always charge never bend Morning is here, make your stand Live for honor, glory, death in fire! Total war is here Face it without fear Age of sword, age

Releasing Surtur’s Fire – Amon Amarth

This place he knew as Hammerfest When the old Gods reigned The army of demons rides By his side with weapons drawn Today is the day When Ragnarok will

Avenger – Amon Amarth

My hollow eyes see but cannot see I stare deep into the glowing inferno The loss I feel is breaking me I heard their screams Through flaming walls Walls,

An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm – Amon Amarth

skeppet, sе att kungen ombord fцrdes med till strid mot tvе kungar De djдrva kungarna hдlsade med pilskott Ordlцst i striden Skцldarnas buller rдckte.” Blood red bows plough the

God, His Son And Holy Whore – Amon Amarth

Of a man from southern land How ancient Gods are enemies But I don’t understand Hippocritic voice of love talks of peace and christ Blasphemer of Gods above One

For The Stabwounds In Our Backs – Amon Amarth

Soon we’ll pay you back For all the wrongs you’ve done our kind For the stabwounds in our backs You think you’re safe. Well, live your lie There’s no

Valkyries Ride – Amon Amarth

Scattered fires glow Soon first blood will be drawn And dying ambers glow They await the suns first rays Anticipation running high The Norns are counting numbered days Hear

…And Soon The World Will Cease To Be – Amon Amarth

Humans starve and freeze The Fimbul winter has arrived And soon the world will cease to be Brother will be brother’s bane No one shall be spared All will

Asator – Amon Amarth

Thor rides in pouring rain He rides to Jotumheim to fight Lightning strikes when Mjцllnir bites Fire! Burning in his eyes Fire! His rage is pure, see the lightning

Versus The World – Amon Amarth

Now we’ve cleared our names In Nifelheim came rebirth Baptized in Mount Doom’s flames A decade now we’ve fought this war Never yielding from our path Our journeys take

Hermod’s Ride to Hel – Lokes Treachery, Part 1 – Amon Amarth

“Ride, Sleipner! Ride for all you’re worth Faster than lightning To the dark realms of the world” Through valley’s of darkness On our way to Nifelheim To the halls

Hellucinations – Amon Amarth

Rely on a needle fare, a twisted mind insane No sun to announce tomorrow Nocturnal of one kind, hellucinated mind It’s a Godless fucking ride – Do or die!

Abandoned – Amon Amarth

Five fearless men prepared to fight We heard with fear the rumbling earth In the mid-day light Surprised we saw all terrified The brave northmen’s run The fearless five

Once Sealed In Blood – Amon Amarth

Since I left my friends to burn Five years making bitter plans Preparing my return All this time my hatred’s grown The one thing on my mind The hate

The Dragon’s Flight Across The Waves – Amon Amarth

His family still asleep Gazing at the starlit horizon And the moonsparkling sea When dawn comes he must leave them His home, his children and loved For his destiny