Run – Amy MacDonald

Cos I can’t see I can’t see no more Will you tell me when the song stops playing? Cos I can’t hear I can’t hear no more She said

L. A. – Amy MacDonald

Nothing he did would ever get in my way But there’s still a long long way to go I’ve only ever seen his face on film I’ve only ever

Let’s Start A Band – Amy MacDonald

I will sing you songs of dreams I used to dream I will sail away on seas of silver and gold Until I reach my home Give me a

The Road To Home – Amy MacDonald

And the snow is coming, don’t you know? But I’ll still remember which way to go I’m on the road, the road to home Oh the sound is fading

Youth Of Today – Amy MacDonald

I would listen to what you have to say, But your just some incapable figure thinking your bigger than me, But your not, Yeah, you don’t know a thing

Mr. Rock & Roll – Amy MacDonald

Is dancing on his own again, Talking on his phone again, To someone who tells him that his balance is low. He’s got nowhere to go, he’s on his

Poison Prince – Amy MacDonald

Its something I don’t see, Why would a genius be trippin on me? And there’s looking and another, Why he can’t see is that I’m looking through his eyes,

Footballer’s Wife – Amy MacDonald

Oh he left before they could get him With their ways, their wicked ways Oh Marilyn Monroe, where did you go? I didn’t hear all your stories I didn’t

Barrowland Ballroom – Amy MacDonald

They’re much brighter than anyone Oh the girls in the queue yes they’re waiting for you well they’re waiting for the song to be sung And when the night

A Wish For Something More – Amy MacDonald

For it to still be night Oh the air feels so cold, so cold and old How can it be light? Let’s take a walk outside See the world

This Is The Life – Amy MacDonald

The cold dark street tonight And the people they were dancing To the music vibe And the boys chase the girls, with curls in their hair While the shocked