Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

Is a darkness that we knew, And this regret I had to get accustomed to, Once it was so right, When we were at our high, Waiting for you

You Send Me Flying (Cherry) – Amy Winehouse

while I was thinking you didn’t have a clue tough to sort files with your voice in my head So then I bribed you downstairs with a malboro red

The Girl From Ipanema – Amy Winehouse

The girl from Ipanema goes walking now When she passes each one she passes Goes daboo-du-daa When she walks she’s just like a samba That swings so cool and

Monkey Man – Amy Winehouse

Aye aye aye, aye aye aye Tell you baby, you huggin up the big monkey man Aye aye aye, aye aye aye Tell you baby, you huggin up the

Take The Box – Amy Winehouse

I don’t have a key for downstairs, so I punched all the buzzers hoping you wouldn’t be there So now my head’s hurting You say I always get my

Valerie – Amy Winehouse

And I Think Of All The Things, Of What You’re Doing, And in my head I Paint A Picture. Since I’ve Come Home, Well My Body’s Been A Mess,

Help Yourself – Amy Winehouse

I understand a man confused There must have been but I don’t care I feel the way your soul does there Darling they empathise Looking through your bloodshot eyes

Our Day Will Come – Amy Winehouse

And we’ll have everything We’ll share the joy Falling in love can bring No one can tell me That I’m too young to know I love you so And

Best Friends, Right? – Amy Winehouse

And surprisingly you hate me too We only communicate when we need to fight But we are best friends…right? You’re too good at pretending you don’t care There’s enough

Tears Dry (Original) – Amy Winehouse

And this deep regret I had to get accustomed to Once it felt so right as if a place was not as high Lived and waited in the hotel

You’re Wondering Now – Amy Winehouse

knock, knock, knock, knock You can’t come in knock, knock, knock You can’t come in You’re wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end You’re

Me & Mr Jones (Fuckery) – Amy Winehouse

And Mr Jones (Me and Mr Jones) What kind of fuckery is this? You made me miss the Slick Rick gig (oh Slick Rick) You thought I didn’t love

Amy Amy Amy (Outro) – Amy Winehouse

Distract me, stop me doin work i hate Just to show him how it feels; I walk past his desk in heels One leg resting on the chair From

You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

Your rolled up sleeves and your skull t-shirt You say why did you do it with him today? And sniff me out like I was Tanqueray Cause you’re my

Body And Soul (with Tony Bennett) – Amy Winehouse

Why haven’t you seen it, I’m all for you Body and soul I spend my days in longing Wondering why it’s me that you’re wronging I tell, you I

Halftime – Amy Winehouse

Humbled by the bass When the beat kicks in Everything falls into place And it overpowers me I can’t help but dance You can try to stop me now

Some Unholy War – Amy Winehouse

Some unholy war I would be behind him Straight shook up beside him With strength he didn’t know It’s you I’m fighting for He can’t lose with me in

A Song For You – Amy Winehouse

In my life and time I’ve sung a lot of songs I’ve made some bad rhyme I’ve acted all my life in stages With ten thousand people watching But

To Know Him Is To Love Him – Amy Winehouse

Is to love love love him Just to see that smile Makes my life worthwhile To know know know him Is to love love love him And I do,

Know You Now – Amy Winehouse

You need your nerve to hide your ego – don’t come with that You think everything is handed to you free But it’s not that easy, no I gotta