Not That Kind – Anastacia

All the time that we spend together I won’t fuss I won’t fight tryin to make you mine You know i’m not that kind Ha Wooh Ah c’mon I

Don’t Stop (doin’ It) – Anastacia

Yeah Are you ready to do this one Alright then Let’s go Wooooh Ah come on Ooooh yeah (don’t stop doin’ that thing you do) Oh, your sweet love

Cowboys & Kisses – Anastacia

Cowboys and kisses Cowboys and kisses Gotta find myself everytime you go away Baggy blue jeans and a box of magazines Is all i have of you Waitin’ on

Don’tcha Wanna – Anastacia

And anytime i want it baby, i could Said you’d never saw it coming, did you dear But you can’t run from everything you fear Hey, don’t you wanna

Sexy Single – Anastacia

A love to give me piece of mind And I, I looked into your eyes Captivated by your wicked smile I was mesmerized there for a while or two

I Ask Of You – Anastacia

Whooo Your love is like a gentle breeze upon a brand-new day Your touch and what it does to me – like a flower needs its rain We are

Yo Trippin’ – Anastacia

Whoa Heya All this time this life Is a rhythm without a rhyme ’cause it makes me feel, uh I’m like a train without a wheel, whoa You got

Black Roses – Anastacia

Whoa, hah Yeah Aha Tell you a story of a love i left behind It was a broken fairy tale I gave up all my pride Let love inside

I Do – Anastacia

with their sticks and stones dont they know that we know theres a chill within their bones they blame and they name make us feel so cold inside but

Nothing At All – Anastacia

I suppose, for a man like you To be the love of my life That’s a lot to ask But somehow, i feel the right So here i am,

You’ll Never Be Alone – Anastacia

And time is spinning fast It’s so amazing how you came into my life I know it seems all hope is gone I know you feel you can’t be

I’m Outta Love – Anastacia

Ooooha Whoa Yeah yeha yeah yeah Oh yeah Aha Now baby come on Don’t claim that love you never let me feel I should have known ’cause you’ve brought

Baptize My Soul – Anastacia

You baptize my soul Want the world to know Yes you do You baptize my soul Gotta let it show Take me to the river and deliver me Oooooh

Same Old Story – Anastacia

Yeah Turn around take a look at my life I’m a lot like you are Try to hide from yesterday Still the pain never went away Could it be,

Where Do I Belong – Anastacia

Life doesn’t promise a bed of roses Or white knights Fields of emotions I’m trapped in darkness Why me Save me To win this twisted war inside me Won’t

Time – Anastacia

Is everything But nothing you control Cause there’s away tomorrow But tomorrow never knows Its one day at a Chorus: Time keeps running away No matter what’s left behind

One Day In Your Life – Anastacia

That’s just it goes And you ain’t right For sure You turned your back on love For the last time It won’t take much longer now Time makes me

I Dreamed You – Anastacia

And time was standin’ still Knew you were my destiny By the way you made me feel Only you in my life Forever and today You’re everything i ever

Everything Burns – Anastacia

She sits in her corner Singing herself to sleep Wrapped in all of the promises That no one seems to keep She no longer cries to herself No tears

Seasons Change – Anastacia

You can survive What lies before you? It’s only a matter of time Before the night Turns into day It should feel incredible To know you’re not alone Just