QUEST FOR BLOOD (Le Vampire) – Ancient Rites

Very 19th Century like indeed. Vampires Are Forever but Somehow seemed to be more Alive and Real during the Golden Age of Poetry and Literature. First (French) part is

Mithras – Ancient Rites

‘Rome is above nations, but thou art over all’ Mithras, God of the morning, our trumpets waken the wall! ‘Rome is above nations, but thou art over all’ Now

Fatherland – Ancient Rites

trying to gain more land And a merciless west wind steals my breath When the fierce waves are pounding on the beaches Plain as an endless desert Or uttermost

Victory Or Valhalla (Last Man Standing) – Ancient Rites

Last man standing Victory! Last man standing! Valhalla!! Last man standing! Shattered and mortally wounded On the battlefield they lay Farewell my fellow companions Thy souls have gone away

Rubicon – Ancient Rites

Die Welt ist ein Feuer! Sie das Morgenrot im Osten! Befreit Ihre Seele (Behold the Red Dawn in the East! The World is a Fire! Behold the Red Dawn

Invictus – Ancient Rites

Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. Invictus! Invictus! I have not winced nor cried aloud Invictus! My

Templar – Ancient Rites

Eye for an eye, kill for a kill “Allah Ahkbar”, “God wills it” Cross and half moon in total war “Allah Ahkbar”, “God wills it” No quarter given, life

Dim Carcosa – Ancient Rites

The sun invisible or since long down? Over the dismal landscape Above Carcosa No sound, only the wind sighed Behind mysterious moons, strange towers hide But even more sitant

Ypres – Ancient Rites

Near this monument of the fallen, where one hears the sad last post Celebration in the city of Ypres, again a new year was born Not on this place

Galilean – Ancient Rites

A cave for a grave, midst convicts on Golgotha’s Hill The coming of a messenger, promises of a holy land Dating back to Pagan days, another son heaven send

Exile (Les litanies De Satan) – Ancient Rites

Oh Thou, the most savage of angels God only judges mild Those who chant songs to his praise Oh Prince of exile… To whom in every tale done wrong

North Sea – Ancient Rites

The North Sea wide and cold A ship heavily loaded With the world’s most precious gold The enemy ship was floating To steal our precious gold Floating on the

Thermopylae – Ancient Rites

300 noblemen, ancient world in awe Facing Xerxes might, no hope for victory Still Persian blood coloured the Aegian Sea Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, That here,

(Ode To Ancient) Europa – Ancient Rites

I still hear the ancient warcry (Roma to Brittania) I still hear the ancient battlecry The great old European heroes, the proud old European names Like snow now melted

Lindisfarne (Anno 793) – Ancient Rites

As if God’s paradise never lost None could foresee the silent (approaching) chill (in the shape of raging heathens) Through Durham monks experienced at high cost Martyrs made Christians

…And The Horns Called For War – Ancient Rites

The Franks strike on, their hearts are good and stout Moors are slain, a thousandfold, in crowds Left of five score are not two thousand now No man on

Aris – Ancient Rites

Honoured be Thy deeds Leading our tribes against the aggressor Outnumbered, a campaign that could not be won (But forever Thy blood in my veins) Gracious Spartan civilisation Eternally

On Golden Fields (De Leeuwen Dansen) – Ancient Rites

Our weapons shall regain What betrayers must buy Throwing back the invaders Reigning our land and waves And finally teach these nobles What it means to be slaves Far

Season’s Change (Solstice) – Ancient Rites

To walk the misty paths The forest seems like a shelter On this cold winter night A huge fire is reflecting shadows Of youth and old age As the

Season’s Change – Ancient Rites

To walk the misty paths The forest seems like a shelter On this cold winter night A huge fire is reflecting shadows Of youth and old age As the