Performer ANGEL DUST

Come Into Resistance – Angel Dust

I already know we will surely come to a row Agressions send out with might, We will darken the light Gotta meet a new friend, I need to speak

To Dust You Will Decay – Angel Dust

signs announcing danger for your life will end in agony and your bodies will decay to dust Dust you are created of and eternal laws can never change change

When I Die – Angel Dust

Is there a judge? Who decides, What is wrong and what is right? Who’ll be there, in the end? Who’ll be with me, to be without me? Is there

Stranger – Angel Dust

forced to march in line and order looo men in greedy hands Lured with hope for future pressed in contracts leaving them no chance but to leave their land

I Need You – Angel Dust

I’ll lead you I’ll thrill you I’ll kill you I’ll lead you out of the night That once has fallen upon us Revenge for the stab with a dagger

Still I’m Bleeding – Angel Dust

without you I dream of you in every glacial night, that I’m alone You’re so far away from the thundering guns round my head – so far I feel

The One You Are – Angel Dust

Dress up like it shall be I’m correct, I’m an ideal There are thousands to be led I see devine visions We’ll rise as high as the sky I

Fighter’s Return – Angel Dust

I’ll never compromise I’ll take your lives You better get out of my way I’ll go through hell I’ll fight till the end I’m ready to strike I’ll make

Legions Of Destruction – Angel Dust

In another place called ‘FAAR’ The sky was red and cloudless Darkness blocked out the stars It was a time of pain and death When only the bad did

Where The Wind Blows – Angel Dust

Since you threw my life away My courage into pieces I couldn? t make you stay Hate, pain and tears Life can be a tragedy Dreams becoming nightmares, Some

Unite – Angel Dust

Of the silence that falls on the future I won’t say – but I believe there is something in my mind It’s hard to expect there will be no

Follow Me (Part 2) – Angel Dust

Live – never thougt it wold be that hard Time – always knew on my side Death – seems to be the only bride ‘Cause you didn’t follow me

Centuries – Angel Dust

That you can’t remember World was like hell, From sky rained fire Created to fight and to koll Till just one survives To rule the world in the end

Disbeliever – Angel Dust

All the things I’ve seen before a million times It’s cold neon light A stranger on his way A world, that’s always been cold and gray Just wait another

Hold On – Angel Dust

captured in his net and your prince rides beside you he knows no way to help You walk through tubes of mistery you see light at the end but

I’ll Come Back – Angel Dust

But now you kick my ass Put me down, on the street I’m sleeping on the sidewalk Got no food for tomorrow And if I stole an apple I’d

Victims Of Madness – Angel Dust

To seize power for himself He knows how to seize the might Enough power to start the fight It’s exactly the right time To realize his plans Plans for

Unreal Soul – Angel Dust

Spent my life in a dark dismay It starts with you for what it’s worth Can’t speak your name, or I go insane In another world – back to

The Cultman – Angel Dust

Rise above them and fight again I’m the one you’re calling And watch me – show them all Without me you’ll be obscene I’ll save you from it all

Forever – Angel Dust

Hatred chains our thoughts – born in fear Makes our children be martyrs of vanity Sacrifice in another gods name We speak of love and mercy While only bullets