Begotten (Through Blood And Flame) – Angelcorpse

Arktos ouros – lotus petals unfurled Portal to the vault of sun and lightning Zeta Ursa Majoris – arms outstretched Wheel to the chariot of the nightsky Gammadion give

Sons Of Vengeance – Angelcorpse

Awake! Sons of Vengeance rise Rub the dust of twenty centuries from your eyes Fashion your being: ploughshares into weapons of war Today we conquer the self – tomorrow

Embrace – Angelcorpse

What is to be of this pestilience That makes empires tumble like tears The dust of millenia – fallen ages Staunches the flow of dawning horizons Obscuring – While

Into The Storm Of Steel – Angelcorpse

Beasts of prey strike with lightning speed Wagons of war collide Metallic plague armored locusts drive Into the storm of steel Exterminate – feed the battlefield hunger With honor

Kill Again (Slayer Cover) – Angelcorpse

Hungry For Your Blood Seeking Harmless Victims Satisfy My Needs Schizophrenic Lunatic Uncontrolled Desire Rape And Ravage Lady Fair Pleged To Die No Apparent Motive Just Kill And Kill

Extermination Sworn – Angelcorpse

War Vultures circle strike endlessly Grim Demolition shrieking without mercy Spitting steel and slaughter at prey Decapitated armor broken and battered Stirring the cauldron smashing to the ground Infernal

Reaver – Angelcorpse

Leather winged covens of death scar the skies Rivers of fire, blood and defamation Bloated seas of rage steep fearless eyes Demonthrong clatter on cloven hoof Ten thousand exterminating

Smoldering In Exile – Angelcorpse

Squatting proud upon the throne of abomination Death profane burns bright – supreme Consuming foetid flesh of the nazarene Rites of scourge – immolated flesh Imbibe the sorrow storm

Perversion Enthroned – Angelcorpse

Born of sin and sacrifice The tyrant seed of Germanicus Destined for kingdoms of slaughter Morbid revelations and incest A viper lurking in the bosom of Rome Wherefore forever

Antichrist Vanguard – Angelcorpse

Hail Blasphemy Geared for battle this call to arms, wrath and war Victory or death is on the march antichrist allegiance the only law assail the gates of hypocrisy

Saints Of Blasphemy – Angelcorpse

Strains of bymns and bymens ablaze Dammation Discharged from vessels unsung The suffocating reels of heavenly cunts Habits befouled purtanical Salvation libation gasping for air Speaking in tongues the

Stormgods Unbound – Angelcorpse

For whom the sun never sets Proud-Iron youth Of the noble cultures of the past Striding – like greyhounds keen Where glory beckons Tough as burnished leather And hard

Soulflayer – Angelcorpse

Firestorm within flesh Carnivorous limpid eyes Behind ecstatic lips The crush of breath expires Profanation-violation Hammer bring down war Penetration-Suffocation Lust infernal storm Warhead weeping wound Orgasmic thrust one

Christhammer – Angelcorpse

The dream pervades mysterious and lewd I am One of Many offered unto thee Bearing proud the brand of sacreligion Sacrificed not in vain to Azazael Cast down from

Wartorn – Angelcorpse

Corvus corax descending Through ashes smoke and pain Stark sepia sigil of strength The revealing stench of victory Lycanthropic ripping death A baptism in annihilation Drips from the jaws

Black Solstice – Angelcorpse

The frozen has lain forlorn too many ages Wasting away in the crucible of space Drawing down the hallowed darkness Arms outstretched embracing ecstacies of hate Black solstice Somber

Solar Wills – Angelcorpse

Four corners race – stretch infinity Cataclysms celebrate A whirling soul ablaze with spirited gleam A silence made sullen by the lightning’s voice Four armed comet scrapes a spiritless

Hexensabbat – Angelcorpse

Black arts summon spirits burn within Arise incubi and succubi Dmps of the perverse delight in sin Victorious poisoned ecstasies Tenebrous wings enshroud proclaim Evoking the wan beholder of

Consecration – Angelcorpse

Bearing at the edges of the world The hallowed arms of those Whom death hath struck down Warriors from the beyond In ranks both seen and unseen Of this

Pleasure To Kill (Kreator Cover) – Angelcorpse

black was the hole where i laid stalking the city to seek out your blood i love when it showers from my blade your body is so pretty but