No More “I Love You’s” – Annie Lennox

I used to be lunatic from the gracious days I used to be woebegone and so restless nights My aching heart would bleed for you to see Oh but

I Can’t Get Next To You – Annie Lennox

I can turn the grey sky blue And I can make it rain Whenever I want it to And I can build a castle From a single grain of

Cold – Annie Lennox

Run to me Do and be done with me (Cold Cold Cold) Don’t I exist for you Don’t I still live for you (Cold cold cold) Everything I possess

Little Bird – Annie Lennox

That glides across the sky He sings the clearest melody It makes me want to cry It makes me want to sit right down and cry cry cry, yeah.

Take Me To The River – Annie Lennox

I don’t know why I love you like I do All the changes you put me through Take my money, my cigarettes I haven’t seen the worst of it

Love Is Blind – Annie Lennox

When ya gonna come? I spend my life gettin older But you still got me on the run When ya gonna come? Oh. . sweetness When will you mine?

Precious – Annie Lennox

Take a look at what you’ve done Well I thought my time was over But it’s only just begun Precious little angel You’re my own sweet turtle dove Won’t

Keep Young And Beautiful – Annie Lennox

It’s her beauty, not brains… Old father time will never harm you if your charm still remains… After you grow old baby, you don’t have to be a cold

Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox

Walking on, walking on broken glass You were the sweetest thing that I ever knew But I don’t care for sugar, honey, if I can’t have you Since you’ve

Why – Annie Lennox

“Why” by ANNIE LENNOX How many times do I have to try to tell you That I’m sorry for the things I’ve done But when I start to try

Wonderful – Annie Lennox

‘Cause you’re all I’ve got Don’t wanna lose you ‘Cause it means a lot All the joy this world can bring Doesn’t give me anything When you’re not here…

A Thousand Beautiful Things – Annie Lennox

Of reasons why I still believe they do exist (a thousand beautiful things) And even though it’s hard to see The glass is full and not half empty (a

Smithereens – Annie Lennox

It made me sorry For all the things I never said It seems that you have cause to worry It seems that you don’t wish me well Behind the

Loneliness – Annie Lennox

Is a place that I know well It’s the distance between us And the space inside ourselves And emptiness…. Is the chattering in your head It’s the call of

Don’t Take Me Down – Annie Lennox

I was drifting in a tide of pure water Oh wash me in the flood of creation Don’t take me down Don’t take me down with you My innocence

Coloured Bedspread – Annie Lennox

I wanna hide again The nights are cavin’ in On my coloured bedspread I wanna drift so far To slip out of the crowd It doesn’t matter how On

Pavement Cracks – Annie Lennox

But I’m walkin’ just the same Skies turn to the usual grey When you turn to face the day And love don’t show up in the pavement cracks All

Womankind – Annie Lennox

This is for the womankind Check it out Ooh baby’s got precious eyes And when he smiles the sun comes shinin’ To make the day seem like each cloud

Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Annie Lennox

Old man lyin’ By the side of the road With the lorries rollin’ by Blue moon sinkin’ From the weight of the load And the buildings scrape the sky

The Hurting Time – Annie Lennox

To every blade of grass And every leaf on every tree Every livin’ thing will surely Come to pass And what will be will be… That’s when the hurtin’