Don’t Bother Me – Annihilator

I couldn’t get out of bed I had a couple of drinks last night I guess it went to my head I slept through my wake up call Forgot

Double Dare – Annihilator

Watch you squirm, see the need, it’s time to go, time to leave I dare you to come any closer, I dare you to cross this line And I

Never – Annihilator

There are those amongst us ignorant who Think that they are not only superior to other Races, but are the carriers of a superior Morality and culture, these groups

Invite It – Annihilator

where everything comes crashing down and MADNESS is the rule Your MIND is set to overload with doomsday information i see you’ve come here just in time ot join

Set The World On Fire – Annihilator

All you have to know is that I hold the master key I know your weakness and I can see your pain You scream deliverance and I will pave

Like Father, Like Gun – Annihilator

The cycle begins again Bred to carry on A lesson that never ends Spoon-fed propaganda To the children of the damned Spreading it like a disease Spreading across the

Clown Parade – Annihilator

Like many others before No guilty conscience, just another sin They’re truly rotten to the core Contracts with criminal intent Spelling out the things they’re gonna do Liars, taking

Punctured – Annihilator

And I was, laughing the closer you crawled You’re coming closer, the warmth of your skin I’m taking my time, wanna watch it begin To puncture the skin, to

Snake In The Grass – Annihilator

I was too blind to see, I would have clibed the highest mountain for you You gave me something to hope for, you made me feel like new But

I Am In Command – Annihilator

I’m fighting for my life They’ll slice you to ribbons, you lose all inhibitions I laugh at the anti-christ Power of position, deploying ammunition I’m free from your holy

Pastor Of Disaster – Annihilator

well I got a deal to soothe your soul, an offer you can’t refuse just step into my world, I guarantee you’ll never be the same let me introduce

Clare – Annihilator

I’m looking for someone special, crawling on my hands and my knees Somebody turn the lights on; I can’t breathe the air Won’t someone help me find my little

Never, Neverland – Annihilator

“No not ‘Alison Hell’ part 2! Yes, another gloomy subject! Yet another true story! This is about an unfortunate young girl who was locked in a room for half

Rage Absolute – Annihilator

You see it coming from a mile away Built up inside, I lose control My blood boils, I can’t take it anymore Do what I want, do what I

Kicked – Annihilator

Face-first into the dirt Betrayed, a stab in the back Everything is now on alert Wounded, sense the blood Like a jackal movin in for the kill Stealing is

21 – Annihilator

I was in debt right up to my neck, I wasn’t having any fun But then the dealer turned around, she looked me right in the eye I got

Army Of One – Annihilator

Been around since the 1980’s Old school, we’re livin in the past They said it would never last A few dozen of the strong survived On a mission, to

Reduced To Ash – Annihilator

“Briefly; an imaginary view of our planet after a thermo-nuclear splattering. We hope not.” The sky is falling, timbers they rush down All is in rubble, vomiting sounds Screams

Murder – Annihilator

no longer alive this is your destiny caise I have arrived I am not a nightmare I am disease and I’ll bring society to its’ knees murder the world

Syn. Kill 1 – Annihilator

for propaganda, the news hour you know my cause so don’t turn your back you see my anger, fear my attack assassinate kidnap and murder, I will terrify the