Like The Stars – Antichrisis

His words a thorn in your flesh, your head a merry-go-round We were talking side by side about the things that come and done and you began to realize

Gates Of Paradise – Antichrisis

For I could not longer tell the way This bane did leave me overtired Got punctured by preposterous ricochet A camouflage of lack of faith: The order of the

Wasteland – Antichrisis

Who’s gotta be out there somewhere Far in Avalon Where are you that for I dare? Scratching at doors of hearts Not even close to what I wish Too

Goodbye To Jane – Antichrisis

As she’s watching the rain Like sallow tracks of blood pouring down Scattered over the floor The sheets painted in black Showing a fettered mouthless child Her Mother’s gone

Forever I Ride – Antichrisis

I was not prepared to find fate in a state of rage Love once seemed so strong to me, promising salvation another Tragedie d’amour appearing on life’s stage And

Descending Messiah – Antichrisis

The Crone, unseen by human kind Her weary heart longing for rest Her eyes saw too much of sorrow and grief There was a time when She was adored

We Are The Witches – Antichrisis

A knock-knock on the door Dressed in a red cloak Her eyes gleaming with delight The moment she’s been waiting for finally arrived Sister’s waiting for her While the

Hole In My Head – Antichrisis

lurking behind window frames Trying to control our lifes Envy, spite and jealousy of all those longing to be free Stabbing them with hideous knives Intolerance and arrogance combined

Her Orphaned Throne – Antichrisis

“He who once was artless like a child had to face the blackest night!” While I was unaware, She must have silently faded away: “Whereas his shadow walks The

Our Last Show – Antichrisis

Behind the trees they fade away Walking inside somnambular There goes a lovelorn castaway Does it always have to be like this? I’ll never know Was it something that

The Endless Dance – Antichrisis

Read in my book of lies of atrocities, blood and sacrifice! My temples erected in gold and bone The stupid sheep turn their head to the blind! Priestess: And

Baleias – Antichrisis

Saw my life the other way: All these trials to no avail! Broken dreams was all I bloody gained! Way down, Carry me down To the River of Life!

The Farewell – Antichrisis

but it’s cold and forsaken there without you now I wanted to dive into the ocean of love but I got shipwrecked on the shores of broken dreams For

Burial – Antichrisis

Oh, tomorrow And the wheel keeps turning in the skies Never close your eyes before tomorrow A new life, a new love will find its way So hold on,

Carry Me Down – Antichrisis

Saw my life the other way All those trials to no avail Broken dreams was all I gained Well, when I was a child They promised me a paradise

Something Inside – Antichrisis

under a leaden sky As if nothing had changed and my life was still the same No longer here with me I watch the roaring sea I think of

Proem – Antichrisis

I passed the gates of paradise and the gates of perdition: Maybe the saddest experience of all is that even the most wonderful and precious moments don’t last forever

Whole Lotta Love – Antichrisis

I’m gonna send ya back t’ schoolin’ Way down inside, honey you need it I’m gonna give you my love I’m gonna give you my love, ohhhhh Wanna whole

Trying Not To Breathe – Antichrisis

Why did you lie? I lost my faith in you! Once there was purity but now only perfidy and pain because you’ve been untrue! You broke all promises and

Baleias Bailando – Antichrisis

Saw my life the other way All those trials to no avail Broken dreams was all I bloody gained Remember well when I was a child They promised me