Performer ANVIL

Game Over – Anvil

Life can be just like a Game Boy Filled with frustration and joy Pressing A or B, make a choice Now responding to the computer’s voice You’ve started and

Flying Blind – Anvil

When you are lost and you can’t find your way Look for a landmark, as an eagle looks for prey See the horizon, watch the sun going down Into

Man Over Broad – Anvil

Casting with his fishing rod Looking for a bite Catch a meal tonight On the star broad bow The seaman know just how Trawling from the stern On the

Scenery – Anvil

You were standing in your favourite light You thought you were hot thought that you were tight I’ve seen you and I know your type I know you’ll be

Straight Between The Eyes – Anvil

Make out, watch out That’s what this is all about Never get enough of it Go down, look around Tell me baby what you’ve found Better get a hold

Worry – Anvil

Chorus: Worry Worry Worry From the morning until the night Anticipation, on my nails I bite Another problem to resolve Another problem to evolve Everyday it’s something new In

Bushpig – Anvil

Watch me drive my bushpig Watch me part the pines Four by four couldn’t take more Any hill to climb Drive her with a split shift Drive her up

666 / Mothra – Anvil

Chains of death have been unleashed Ripped and tattered stricken from hell Sold my soul but the contract’s been breached Entering humanity from death’s well Your fate is sealed

This Is Thirteen – Anvil

Tarot card and tealeaves A crystal ball The gypsy’s kiss The death cards call Bad luck, misfortune Superstitious belief Good luck, a rebirth And a sigh of relief This

Real Metal – Anvil

Got some news for you my friend Anvil music is what I am Really don’t give a damn So if you think that we suck I really don’t give

Plenty Of Power – Anvil

Motivated to move the ground Digging deep the quarry heap Caterpillar’s on the creep Moving rubble in its wake Turning rocks that crack and break It’s the one to

Pro Wrestling – Anvil

Start match, begin the clobbering Drop kick, caught up in the rope Pin fall, for the man with no hope Head butt, arm drag Pro wrestling fight to win

Jackhammer – Anvil

Slip away out the back door Get away from the scenery score In the car you’re ready to move In the backseat you start to groove Right turn left

Feed The Greed – Anvil

Feed Feed Count your pennies and don’t spend a dime Ripping yourself off is a crime It’s a crime The lust for money, an obsession of life Cheap son

Burning Bridges – Anvil

When you bite the hand that feeds Destructive forces out to get you When you can’t fulfill your needs You can’t achieve what you want to Chorus: Burning bridges,

Toe Jam – Anvil

Toe Jam!! Pick your partner, nice and tight ‘Cause we’ll do more than dance tonight Now promenade that’s how it goes You bucks beware of dosie dose Dosie dose

Sins Of The Flesh – Anvil

Incest sodomy sadomasochism and rape In the Christendom make no mistake Bigamy buggery bestiality and pain The whole damn world has gone insane It’s all a question of morality

Black Or White – Anvil

Living in opposition, drawing lines in the sand We all have a point of view in the freedom of our land If it’s not your colour it’s the thoughts

I Want You Both (With Me) – Anvil

I met a girl, her name was Aund, she said How do you do? I think you’re lookin good, like your style I wanna get down on you She

Room #9 – Anvil

Dreaming up a nightmare and another sleepless night Restless sedation with no end in sight Fists clenched in anger, shivering in fear Your blood begins to boil, dementia is