Performer ARCTURUS

Of Nails And Sinners – Arcturus

If I am destroyed He must give up the ghost” Angelus Silesius) I beseech you, God to whom many sinners pray From the depth of the dark abyss where

Evacuation Code Deciphered – Arcturus

take five and restart the game i suggest a different approach remake the world with a devilish touch evolution is too slow ghost relax and sit back i am

Nocturnal Vision Revisited – Arcturus

in a distant past is here at last drowning me fast why are the ripples so old and vast catching up to me? what did i see? the tower

For To End Yet Again – Arcturus

an unintelligible roar of everything ever lived or altogether avoided life A storm of voices and backward thoughts through deserts of sand through gutters of shite Drums and flames

Naar Kulda Tar (Frostnettenes Prolog) – Arcturus

Og steiner sprekker I frostklar natt Ved svarte tjern under naken li Da er villmarken vond aa ferdes I Vi befarer store sletter Der sneen ligger tykk Det blaaser

Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer – Arcturus

and outdated parts collapsed and discharged autopilot on emergency power from random fuel devoured red alert sirens sighing rusty pipelines dying empty hull shatter into cold dark matter unknownspacepioneer

The Bodkin & The Quietus (…To Reach The Stars) – Arcturus

gleaming at us from afar They give rise to frigid memories in my mind My stellar memetoes are the brightest signs that twinkle away Infinity, the faustian spirit, disheartened,

The Throne Of Tragedy – Arcturus

is translated by the undersigned, and hereby dedicated to Kristoffer Garm Rygg Hear! From this day forth are the heights of Horeb broken and the sea of sulphur-ice. And

The Chaos Path – Arcturus

Behold the sign in the sun. Chaos upon us spawn! The arrows of time points us all. Oh, well, the maddening laughter growing louder with the memories. Atoms like

Hibernation Sickness Complete – Arcturus

pearching for a closure poisoned tentacles from the past are tumbling fumbling closet mood set on full scale regret peaking an all time low distorted pattersn no sight with

Star-crossed – Arcturus

organic images dissolving earth Our future children sure at us unfixed from a residence of stars in their sidereal ships ho sailing beyond within Their eyes black in kingdoms

Master Of Disguise – Arcturus

illuminated by an exquisite grimace, Look and see, atrociously contorted, The real head, and the sincere face Turned back under the shadow of the face which lies” Charles Baudelaire)

Kinetic – Arcturus

this transmission from a fallen star Light has departed from this black sun But please put us on to bring darkness down from your head and home Our enterprise

White Noise Monster – Arcturus

hides in the maze collects all mistakes white noise withering weeds of deeds worshipping with filth in the temple of guilt filing its womb with pleasure and doom monstrous

Painting My Horror – Arcturus

And senses were unbound in ESP When in dream awake, I’d paint. Subconscious, the expanse I saw The portal to minds eye, open! – I contemplated Who it was