Performer ARGENTUM

Horta Funebra (Including Penuria) – Argentum

refleja la lugubre penuria del ser humano, hacia 1348 hacinabas muertos por decenas y tu vida era la muerte, arrebatassste la flor de mi vida, pero aun asi me

The Serpent’s Lament – Argentum

expeller of wretched matter, expand the real world funnel inspire the pains, countless dims of subconscious the sight of ghouls around your space, did you hear the serpent’s lament??

Spheram De Tenebras – Argentum

Dweller of denser gloomysphere I’m the hate and malevolence lost into congealing breath sustain the sap of noteless dryness my petty dream seemingly I’m into another limb hearslike instead

Interdeterioration – Argentum

the gelid air provides a void and obliterate my thoughts a silence whispering envolve my ens transmuting the stone of life ( CHORUS ) Deathscent, transmuting the winds of

Mortuus Infradaemoni – Argentum

Nocturnal ancestor now I’m here Baka we’ll return I’m starting reborn Baron Samedi, Houngan of the birth I deny a bland tomb here me biometry’s sovereign I’m walking on

Acrimonia – Argentum

my tryst of adumbration, seance of rebirth awake troughfully, ascent in solitude perfervid for her blessing, murmuring with turpitude Enigma macabra, subserve of no-compassion proxima penumbra a grimgift of

Asstrum Argentum – Argentum

When you deserve the dark darkly entety disappear dissolution of my soul ritualist evoke the fear (chorus) Fearful to oblivion asstrum ritus scelestum Ramulous way of the undying a

Mors Imperium Aetheriam – Argentum

your ether exhales pur immensity in a mourn phase feel a coldness presence, expands your hand on the moon when the deep tide reaches the supreme knowledge youÒ‘ll be

La Sorella Di Satana – Argentum

Obsecrations & symbolic lyrics by Khabee She’s possessed by demoniac ordeal Lemuria’s witch into mysterious lake she frequently gets angry for blood atrocities is her cult of love An