Cry Of Fate – Armageddon

Round the next corner Walking around in the unknown The silence unbroken Echoes in my head Waking the child of tomorrow It’s hiding, waiting Closing, changing Strong emotion Leads

Heart Of Ice – Armageddon

Iron hard conviction, tar black soul She gets around, yes she does… Ain’t no angel in white Child of sin, raised under neon lights Claws down my back… hot

Into The Sun – Armageddon

All the others are since long dead and gone We had dreams, we had visions Nothing left now but one crude decision Inhuman temperature slowly rising Gasping for air,

Sleep Of Innocence – Armageddon

Kept away from danger Drinking from the endless well Feeding my desire Where is the secret place? Where is the hidden cave? Rites of life in a learning day

Godforsaken – Armageddon

Corrupt politicians, defend this way of living Whatever the loss – at any cost Where did we go wrong? We crossed the finishing line And burnt our sinking ships

The Broken Spell – Armageddon

The memories are stealing my dreams The legacy is dividing me Shatters my soul It crawls in me It burns inside with reasons of guilt My pounding chest The

Illusions Tale – Armageddon

It drives you crazy In the air it still is talking Out of the light you just can’t sleep Talking voices Losing the grip, losing the spirit In your

Blind Fury – Armageddon

Waiting for the call Locked away and isolated (In a) neurotic fantasy I fight against the evil spell The force of silence Sliding down the slope of sadness Burning