Burning Question – Armored Saint

Her silky hair Her ghostly glare Burns holes everywhere I waited long I held out strong One step beyond On my mind all day long I want to blame

March Of The Saint – Armored Saint

Raise your golden hammer bring it down like Thor Ooh the force is going to bring us victory No foe or rival will stop the energy It’s a vital

Glory Hunter – Armored Saint

Boyhood dream was achieved Praised by the soldiers down by his side The regiment followed his lead The antagonists were so obsessed Glory hunter his name Fearlessly fighting the

Upon My Departure – Armored Saint

When the final bell is rung And the game’s declared over We speak the words goodbye And I know it’s forever An empty pit inside my chest Was more

Saturday Night Special – Armored Saint

Like a black cat do And two bodies are laying naked Creeper thinks he got nothin’ to lose So, he creeps up into this house yeah And unlocks the

The Truth Always Hurts – Armored Saint

Straight out of Peyton Place Pseudo movie star Total disgrace Beggin’ on her hands and knees Won’t you just love me please I’ve got my life to lead Lead

Reign Of Fire – Armored Saint

Archaic science Master plan Hear the war cry Watch the crow fly When your body’s set It never fails Then you hear the tale of tales Bound and gagged

Tainted Past – Armored Saint

Is blowing my mind I can’t seem to piece it all together I guess it takes time to unwind To let the dust settle And let cooler heads prevail

Deep Rooted Anger – Armored Saint

Before all else, better get yourself armed yeah Watch as they gravitate to your irresistable charm Yeah – irresistable, irresistable Who is going to guard the guards themselves If

Another Day – Armored Saint

Fill up my eyes so wide I don’t know why things are Strange, yeah Strange But there’s a will And my way Is Roaming light Roaming light Roaming light

Symbol Of Salvation – Armored Saint

Explain Tell me what you plan to be The future Go ahead Explain Tell me what you plan to see The future I’ve been waiting here for you all

The Pillar – Armored Saint

Dressed in a shroud Preparing the stand-off A meeting of the minds must be understood Benevolent grin couldn’t be kinder The ceremony guest is unveiling his hood Draining power

Den Of Thieves – Armored Saint

These living quarters are off limits to you These guarded borders are all subject to choose Passive not my tone of voice no way Not my choice, here to

Mad House – Armored Saint

Mad house set to unload I try my best to keep a distance From going down loony road But I get crushed with the temptation For the place that

Can U Deliver – Armored Saint

Can u deliver I’m overlooking you Laying out the question Think that you’ll pull through Do you know what love means A push and then a shove Don’t put

Warzone – Armored Saint

I always have the starring role But the scenery is never quite clear Cause the film is growing old But I just roll them dice And I pray for

Conqueror – Armored Saint

Choice of words That I speak today Consequent Evidence Now they put astray Conflicts forever halt Wipe resentment clean No thoughts of decadence Life is now serene I’ve foreseen

Tribal Dance – Armored Saint

Coca paste potent smell Boats off for San Pedro Good work men! Bring my dough Tribal dance Tribal dance It’s a full moon yeyo de coca Son of a

Dropping Like Flies – Armored Saint

At that point you will see fear in their eyes It don’t take much to send them crawling back Just a harsh word then you attack Gather up and

Spineless – Armored Saint

Right off the teeth of your pathetic smile Nerve is gone The minute I turn my back the weasel runs Spineless That’s what you are Spineless Seven year itch