New Discovery – Artension

Campfire is glowing true blood red Loved ones and family far away We’re getting closer every day Our New Discovery will change the future of the world Our New

Into The Blue – Artension

there’s no place that they’d rather be above the clouds so high Light years are days the bravest of hearts lead the way while loved ones on earth are

Valley Of The Kings – Artension

far away night become day unlock the secrets of their lives And through the years nature’s tears wash away the pain with the rain after all this time, oh

The Calm Before The Storm – Artension

Flying on the wind, until it’s born again Dark world, I have seen the other side A cold light, an endless night Until it’s born again Fly on, spirit

Flower Of The Orient – Artension

On the island of Japan Asian beauty caught his eye Stole his heart, he could not lie Tall blonde American Living in a foreign land She was just a

The City Is Lost – Artension

questions of ages are at your command for answers is why you came And now your searching for clues of a civilization buried in time victim of early demise

Remember My Name – Artension

You’ll always come back to me Swallow your pride But if you go, just stay gone Won’t know what you mean to me Hell and Beyond I flow through

Forbidden Love – Artension

knowing that you can never be mine divided by mountains of circumstance no other way on earth our love stood a chance I never knew how hard life could

Story Teller – Artension

And all of the stories have been told I know you’ve been waiting, waiting so long Down through the ages…words like gold…words like gold All of the books that

Area 51 – Artension

Is it illusion? Predictions of thoughts concealed Come with me, take my hand, see what I’ve seen Area 51 the secrets you keep they ever be told? Area 51

Phoenix Rising – Artension

you know it’s clear this time, the greates fear’s within your mind And all your fantasies are real, and now you can see I see a phoenix rising Does

Nightmare – Artension

Black and white?…Dark as night? Does morning seem far away? Cold and damp?… Racing back to where your world is safe Nightmare, always the same for me Falling, throw

Through The Gate – Artension

mohtership has sailed away blinded by the comets fall Faithfully they follow, into the fire they ride fearless hope by their side if only they knew the stories he

Innocence Lost – Artension

Are you falling away from me? There was a time I could see deep in your eyes But now my reflection is all I can see Only the dream

Sacred Pathways – Artension

And found myself on ancient runways Sacrifice…abandoned by the Gods Human life…Who will remain? Who will remain? Sacred Pathways…oh Sacred Pathways…oh They’re only visible from crafts in flight So

Call Of The Wild – Artension

Never needed maps to find my way Give me the reason…When’d it all begin? We reached the limit in one day I’ll never tell you where we go I’ll

The Last Survivor – Artension

welcome to the light Blinded by the glow of this holy sight Guardian of history, weather the storm Into the battle, go it alone The darkness fading The Last

Tree Of Knowledge – Artension

Came From A Story Book Bound In Glory Guarded By Steel Alone, You Search For The Answer, A Candlelit Dancer On Library Walls, Down Secretive Halls Your Quest For