Jester – Artillery

But no you wanna show yourself off Get high when people lookin’ at you Too blind to see they laugh at you Your greed for fame is written on

Into The Universe – Artillery

The power of evil destroying my life in a spell My soul in on fire it feels like I’m burnin’ in hell Bells are ringin’ they toolin’ my final

B. A. C. K. – Artillery

If we were meant to be erased, to disappear without a trace Nature tells us everywhere, soon we’re running out of air The resources are running dry, we don’t

WWW – Artillery

Diagnostics, virus-scan, I have to wait and see Then my set-up tells me, that it’s OK to come in Everything is alright, my session can begin I hook up

Hunger And Greed – Artillery

Searchin’ for more is why you live Your goal is to gain you cause others pain Makes you feel well It’s in your head, a sick belief How come

Life In Bondage – Artillery

There’s one thing, hidin’ in your heart Wanting freedom, keen for control No one helps you, do as you’re told Chorus: Life in bondage – work at their command

Bombfood – Artillery

You idolized them Those men with pride Want to be like them Never alone All parts of a team No course of their own It sounds like a dream

Paparazzi – Artillery

You just don’t know what you really do For money, for power, each minute of the hour You just can’t see that your lie shines through A legend, a

Violent Breed – Artillery

Homicide, let’s make it genocide Run and hide, why don’t you run and hide Step aside, why don’t you step aside Searching for a victim, anyone will do If

Bitch – Artillery

Bitch – you drive me insane Bitch – you make me weak Bitch – can you see me bleed You call yourself a lady You think you are so

Therapy – Artillery

No windows here to tell – could this be Hell I’m chained to my bed – asked for confession It makes me depressed – their search for obsession Filled

Theatrical Exposure – Artillery

I get on my knees And pray for a good show tonight But what do I see? Abnormality I must get it out of my sight This bad feeling

Khomaniac – Artillery

A leader wrapped in linen United fools, bewitched by words In pact with ignorance A powermind, dictating thoughts that leads toward his dream To free the world, fanatically Religious

Khomaniak – Artillery

A harmless threat A leader wrapped in linen. United fools, bewitched by words, In pact with ignorance. A powermind, dictating thoughts, that leads toward his dream To free the

King Thy Name Is Slayer – Artillery

Was a land of horror and death It was known as a place without mercy Evil ruled… evil ruled that land In this land behind of nowhere Lived this

Cybermind – Artillery

We will make sure that you can perform our deeds We will build you up and we will replace So you fit the to standards of our new race

The Eternal War – Artillery

Tortured and killed all our men Raped all our women and burned down The world we had build up through the years There’s no way out of this torment

Deeds Of Darkness – Artillery

I’ve got to live this way Forced by an unknown power I’ve completed my deeds of darkness I believe in evil, darkness makes me wild I believe in death,

In The Trash – Artillery

You men with power – can’t you see that I’m real You call yourself civilized – treat me like a slave It feels like I carry – my own

Decapitation Of Deviants – Artillery

Nothing you learned but the rule Don’t you forget you were the pet No love characters in stead Your life goes on – your death has begun Reputable you