Performer ASH

A Life Less Ordinary – Ash

Enveloped heart, and the air is cool Put on your dress, white Goddess And settle in, as the weather folds In the slow haze of the afternoon Swaying hips,

Folk Song – Ash

Blossom on the trees Springtime’s slipping away my love Yeah springtime’s slipping away When it comes around again It will never be the same Heaven’s slipping away my love

Meltdown – Ash

We’re gonna take it to the overload Rebel radical retribution We’re here to get what we are owed I think my head, my head is gonna explode I think

Shinning Light – Ash

Yeah you are a shining light You lit a torch in the empty night Yeah you are a shining light Yeah you light up my life You have always

Out Of The Blue – Ash

feeling just like when it started i wake, its a new day no more heart ache breaking our way out of the blue into the slipstream, out of the

Girl From Mars – Ash

I don’t know if you knew that. Oh we’d stay up late playing cards, Henri Winterman Cigars. And she never told me her name, I still love you, Girl

Lost In You – Ash

Wanting to call you, but it is late at night And you’re far away, but you are always on my mind I feel like I’m on fire, nothing I

Fortune Teller – Ash

Don’t know anybody, feel so out of place I’m bored with this century, and I’m sick of it all Here I am standing on the killing floor Got a

Jack Names The Planets – Ash

In the gardens of sunlight home Bad children on the phone Withheld me to withhold you Said I’d kiss you if you want You’ve got things back to front

Aphrodite – Ash

On these shores Fell in love With Aphrodite Her dark power In my heart In my heart Feel it now her beauty never ends As dark falls On these

Kung Fu – Ash

I haven’t been the same since my teenage lobotomy Full on, I moved to Hong Kong With Bruce Lee’s brother and Johnny Wong I think it’s strange He’s friends

Angel Interceptor – Ash

I wasn’t feeling alright I knew it couldn’t last I started thinking of you And I wished we could be dancing in the dark (Really slow) Oh, it’s good

Darkside Lightside – Ash

When everything is gonna turn out right When all the answers lie behind your eyes And everythings gonna turn out right All I want is to see you smile

Death Trip 21 – Ash

Lord of the skies died With no look in his eyes Sleep walked into the afterlife Died in his sleep His face incomplete You got a taste you’re playing

Intense Thing – Ash

To reason with you would be far too kind It’s all coming down like the dark on the town The cold stings my teartained face So now it’s all

Pasific Palisades – Ash

Listening to the ocean’s roar Sea breeze tangled in your hair Immortal, young and free of cares You let the night lull you away to Dark pacific palisades yeah

Wild Surf – Ash

Yeah come on come on while we still can Yeah come on come on while we still can Burning in my head Tonight Beneath the moon rays We stand

Let It Flow – Ash

She’ll never know how she blows my mind She’s there with the chemicals in my brain Spinning softly round my head I’m gonna give in, I’ll never change my

Sometimes – Ash

Cigarettes keep you skinny And your mind off the rain Sometimes, sometimes Sometimes, sometimes Feelings are distant, I know guilt by name It was the hardest thing, watching you

There’s A Star – Ash

there’s something magic in the air emotional disorder, came from out of nowhere and took me unaware the patterns of the oceans, lost in her emotions you know that