Burning Up – Ashlee Simpson

I feel the vibe inside There’s something about the way you are that’s giving me butterflies Maybe the planets have aligned Maybe it’s all in my mind So let

Giving It All Away – Ashlee Simpson

You sell your dreams for a bucket of change Hey you, smokin’ up your sorrow Just pointing fingers at someone to blame Hey you, you turn your back on

Surrender – Ashlee Simpson

Well there you go Baby you can’t have it all Now that you just let me go Yea yea, yea yea I waited here for so long Thinking that

Endless Summer – Ashlee Simpson

And all the while we felt so alive It was you and me You grabbed my hand and you made me see What it could feel like And what

In Another Life – Ashlee Simpson

I say so Do you need me oh do you need me God I hope I get this feeling deep inside That somewhere somehow you passed me by I

Autobiography – Ashlee Simpson

Word on the street is that you do You want my history What others tell you won’t be true I walked a thousand miles While everyone was asleep Nobody’s

Harder Every Day (Bonus Track) – Ashlee Simpson

And you still haven’t called me back And if I try again I think you’ll feel like your under attack I don’t think I can take it I don’t

Catch Me When I Fall – Ashlee Simpson

Does anybody see That when the lights are off something’s killing me I know it seems like people care Cause they’re always around me But when the day is

Ragdoll – Ashlee Simpson

‘Round once or twice Beneath it all Was born to fight I hear your voice in my head And its killing me I’ve never been a fan of happy

Love Me For Me – Ashlee Simpson

you come around here like you know me Your stuff at my place next thing you know you’ll be using my toothpaste step up sit down get ready, let

La La – Ashlee Simpson

You can dress me up in dirt You can throw me like a line-man I like it better when it hurts Oh, I have waited here for you I

Follow You Wherever You Go – Ashlee Simpson

My heart’s deepest feelings flow free There’s no use in pretending You’re the only one for me Just to hear my heartbeat Next to yours Has made my life

Dancing Alone – Ashlee Simpson

It’s friday night I feel allright Nobody’s gonna bring me down It’s my life And I’m doing fine Don’t you know I wanna play So take me on a

What I’ve Become – Ashlee Simpson

It seems like everytime I escape there’s another following Being prone and, yeah they’re coming I can feel them shooting me, without asking Lights are flashing but I guess

Love Makes The World Go Round – Ashlee Simpson

Here I am again And I’m starin at these same four walls, alone again And now All the colors blend And I’m becoming old and I’ve become this empty

Murder – Ashlee Simpson

I don’t see what all the fuss is about, ‘Cause i’m okay. Soon you will see that I got the ability To get my way. So dont keep me

Boys – Ashlee Simpson

When i bat my eyes and walk by They say im such a tease But thats just me, take it or leave it baby Don’t mean to impose boy

Hot Stuff – Ashlee Simpson

I walk into your joint With a hoddie on Don’t need a short skirt To get it on It goes on Here she comes Sunday school girl walked us

No Time For Tears – Ashlee Simpson

You gave me your world with no regrets Never thought anything could come against But oh what did I know One missed step and I’m on my own You

Just Let Me Cry – Ashlee Simpson

I, I don’t know why Why you need some reason to feel lost inside You, you know that I’m alright You know that I’m just the kind of girl