Daylight Struggle – Ashmolean

Underneath the crack of dawn as death’s supplied by fear Anguish will be thrown immortal Inferior through being tormented by minds Whispers will be gazed beside Mesmerized by all

Deus Ex Machina – Ashmolean

Dying like, an age of wrong Believed in everything that you would see As the voices rule rule rule And let them rule From chaos inside you’ll be my

Cloud Nine – Ashmolean

From the destiny’s of our closure their meanings came across Beyond oblivion the nights were colder and start to sense the loss Unborn like the very sanctity Unstill when

Scarlatine – Ashmolean

Lower your standard and become part of this Join me in struggle the people I dismiss The question remains and darkness will fail by time Obscure as demons that

Soulstrangler – Ashmolean

When the fires strike upon the everlasting phantoms will conquer moods as the gossip wonders freely always dancing I can’t deny my roots crossing borders always free and with

Pulverized – Ashmolean

Seduced by twilight as pressure takes it’s toll to breed Shadows lit with yellow eyes In flames as they gaze in the night The spirits of the frozen have