Performer ASPHYX

M. S. Bismarck – Asphyx

Her name it means power her silhouette brings fear no mercy for the dreadnaught when the sight at sea is clear she’s defying every dancer through mist, ice and

God Cries – Asphyx

someone died he is known to man as the son of a god subchorus: what kind of father lets his son die? his time will come; an eye for

Initiation Into The Ossuary – Asphyx

Unexpected hospitable spirits An experience by mortals Threnodies and death-bells Prevailing silhouettes At this place of calamity The ceremony, the exhibition A lack of sounds Idiosyncrasy scenes Without any

Incarcerated Chimaeras – Asphyx

Fulminate, convincing and inviolable Lodging the earthly shivers Determined not to be vanished Because it’s prophesied and destined for ages The vaultings and ghastly dungeons A foundation of hell

For They Ascend… – Asphyx

Where silence reigns and blackened is the day Lurking deep down in a watery grave An entity awaits its hundreth prey As its only satisfaction is to maim Many

Last One On Earth – Asphyx

Behold my final testimony I’m the survivor of my race hear the tale of sadness adn genocide where the species disappeared and the trees could no longer breathe a

My Beloved Enemy – Asphyx

and it’s time to see my beloved enemy your loved ones are the ones that stab you in the back among the family is the judas betrayal and apostasy

Frozen Soul – Asphyx

and the invention of fire didn’t melt my heart it got even colder my soul remains frozen as it has been for a thousand years no feelings at all

Slaughtered In Sodom – Asphyx

and as we learn from history now they’ll all die tor nothing and nobody even cares slaughtered in sodom living your life on a battlefield where no one knows

Waves Of Fire – Asphyx

Sighting the chariots spreading their tales A storm of fire taking land after land Evoking a scenery of a joyful death A skyline swallowed by the inferno? s breath

Summoning The Storm – Asphyx

Summoned from the fields of terror We approach with a ghastly speed Devoted to the cause of aggressive submission Striking down the enemy? s opposition Brought forth by the

Serenade In Lead – Asphyx

I am the heritage from the years of corruption I’m on the intelligence side I have no identity or nationality I’m the one who chances the tide I’ve got

The Incarnation Of Lust – Asphyx

Lust is our motive a divine gift burning sensations let your mind drift lust awakes feelings we usually hide lust is desire sets your soul on fire Lust gives

Back Into Eternity – Asphyx

The valleys are calling, fallen into oblivion To reign and flourish at own environs No settled conceptions, defined to earthly criteria Shrouded in mystery, considering the return To the

Chaos In The Flesh – Asphyx

Moving forward, driven by speed This instrument is made by hardened steel Its goal is to crush with a fiendish power Remorse is a term abolished for ages The

Emperors Of Salvation – Asphyx

Stoical glances reach no destination Fallacy, looking for salvation Points of contact are missing for an etemaly Bearing the everlasting pain Hatred and anger, self-respect is frozen Fearing what’s

Fear My Greed – Asphyx

the need to take what is yours a vulture circling in the sky preying upon the weak run away – you’re my prey, fear my greed the weaker you

Indulge In Frenzy – Asphyx

A deadly perfection, skilled to kill Draining the blood of the ones who resist Our only aim is crushing The damned must be wiped off the earth Ruling by

Died Yesterday – Asphyx

there’s no way back for me after all these years of pain and oppression my eyes are now to see the maggot that you are and i’ll crush you

It Awaits – Asphyx

constantly anticipating on your last breath thinking about the many times you’ve already died nothing I could do and you know i’ve tried you know what awaits you know