Performer AT THE-GATES

Blinded By Fear – At The Gates

worlds within us, waiting to be born I cast aside my chains Fall from reality Purgatory unleashed Now burn the face of the earth Purgatory unleashed Now burn the

Within – At The Gates

Feel the vibrating words of power Magick the portal, language the key As my journey within begins Once again the gates they stand open before me Time has come

Slaughter Of The Soul – At The Gates

On your forcefed illusions to choke You feed off my pain Fee off my life There won’t be another dawn We will reap as we have sown Always the

All Life Ends – At The Gates

my visions dim all that remains are memories I remember a time of chaos time of war as men began to feed on man only the scavengers survived gone

The Swarm – At The Gates

Unholy desire – a world on it’s knees Our burning minds they are ridden of hope In a dreaming utopia – dead on dope A generation of obscenities We

City Of Screaming Statues – At The Gates

City of screaming statues Your soul will grow to understand and respect this place It will be with your in your heart, on your journey The gates of city

World Of Lies – At The Gates

The final descent for the last in life No joy in our tired lives – the torment builds inside The sun sets forever on a world of lies World

Claws Of Laughter Dead – At The Gates

Ride the wind My aggressions mirrored themselves in her eyes As the blade was ripping up her insides Her eyes Stabbing and stabbing My love fell dead to the

Souls Of The Evil Departed – At The Gates

From A Thousand Worlds, My Sould Has Left The Spheres Of Man For All Time… The Rest of Me The Rotten Limbs And My Bones Dwelling Within The Sacred

The Break Of Autumn – At The Gates

It will alwawys be ahead of you Years passing swifter than you ever thought Today will soon be behind you And the future remains out of reach Hunting the

Terminal Spirit Disease – At The Gates

I’ve lost all sense of what is real I’m lost, in a world I detest Can you feel the pain I feel? This wound I’ve got will never heal

Raped By The Light Of Christ – At The Gates

Blood-bubbles nestled in thorns I have travelled thrugh suns, And the darkness of the end Now I surrender to the void And join with the pulse of the universe

Unto Others – At The Gates

Encaged in the dogmas of life, you join the elite My Judas-windows stay shut – shut forever more My Judas-windows stay shut – shut forever more You mock the

Non-divine – At The Gates

Kiss me with your insanity, bless me with your plague Burn through my head The psychic treasures in the arena to find Dead symbols that walk through the dreams

Neverwhere – At The Gates

Dark horizon, darkest sky No light is present Freezing winds of lands unnameable Haunts the wastes of neverwhere Life don’t belong here Limitless, Unmeasurable – Time is not As

Blood Of The Sunsets – At The Gates

Stab your demoniac smile in my brain Seduce me with the blood of the sunsets Lock me out from my body and it’s pain The golden wine of the

Kingdom Gone – At The Gates

“God” “Creator” Deceiver, you are the sinner I cast you down from your throne of lies And accuse you of a thousand sins Perished in the flames of what

Night Comes, Blood-Black – At The Gates

Clouds, Black of deep nights Dim my sight, block my eyes From the truth, from the flesh Black, in torment steeped A force worse than hell unleashed Let us

Under A Serpent Sun – At The Gates

The language of destruction, the slughter of the meek Under a serpent sun – we shall all live as one No rest for the wicked, the children of god

The Beautiful Wound – At The Gates

And yours to fill The beast of my sins Ain’t easy to kill Drowning in love, by bitterness warped We sleep in different nights ugly and Drugged, rotten to