Performer ATHEIST

I Deny – Atheist

Who am I to fool myself? A distant cry of help from others A child’s brain, a world of greed It’s all around you, can’t you see? Are you

Mother Man – Atheist

You say there’s freedom Within our nature Well I don’t think you understand Mother Earth has fallen to Mother Man The Air, the Sea, the Grass, the Trees, The

Your Life’s Retribution – Atheist

Catered to undo Mistakes you have made with you The lessons catch up with you As I lay awake in bed at night The thoughts of life Pass left

Air – Atheist

Be!!!……… The crosswinds of forever become me and place me on The porch of the breeze Without my sounds would be silent No gullible gusts through the trees Carrying

On They Slay – Atheist

No mercy or no fear The sound of twisting flesh Is the last thing you will hear Take your final breath You dying time is near Fear clutching on

Brains – Atheist

Talking to yourself You say things No one ever hears Knowing yourself better Than anyone ever could Bet you never thought you would Honesty prevails in thought You just

Enthralled In Essence – Atheist

I’ve scaled over the walls of morality Not quite sure what I’d find There on the other side Waiting in a common stance Relieve me of my duty As

Room With A View – Atheist

Or to some of you that may be half-dead I. V. machines running to my veins Man-made life restores my withered remains A mirror of sorts appears before my

Mineral – Atheist

Leave us alone, we beg of you How could you be, so unforgiving Without it you see, you won’t be living To see the creator Compiled of mineral &

Piece Of Time – Atheist

Its classroom, our earth, enlightment it yearns Receiving the life and knowledge it deserves A spectrum of warmth, a soul is life-preserved Please don’t think that when you die