Performer ATROPHY

Killing Machine – Atrophy

Your life begins at 17, you enlist with Uncle Sam Trained for battle, prepared to die, you don’t give a damn. Your weapon is your life and love shooting

Slipped Through The Cracks – Atrophy

At the age of 15 your life is defined, it’s measured in ounces and grams The wisdom of ages is soon pushed away for a crystal that’s purchased in

Too Late To Change – Atrophy

Intro solo: Skowron Solo: Lykins Sometime at an early age a strange call beckoned you It urged you on to selfishness and told you what to do It taught

Things Change – Atrophy

Forced to deal with decisions you never thought come true Abandoned by the ones you’ve trusted, no one’s there for you Internal maelstrom of confusion, unsure of who you

Process Of Elimination – Atrophy

Our forefathers came with a vision and dream, to settle on this land They built a great nation with blood and sweat, to benifit all of man A path

Right To Die – Atrophy

Trapped in my mind, the answers you won’t find Deep despair, what I feel, lost in time, what I’m feeling Emotions lost all meaning, can not help what I’m

Violent By Nature – Atrophy

Morbid fascination instilled within our young Raised and weaned on cold steel, the damage it has brung Little plastic war toys always within reach Replicas of war, what lessons

In Their Eyes – Atrophy

In their eyes of children is a world I wish could be Their definitions of this life derived so simply There’s no one to huert them and everything is

Product Of The Past – Atrophy

The sun is down, the light go on A glass and concrete hell The beast aroused, begins to prowl Aware of every smell He notes perfume in the air

Forgotten But Not Gone – Atrophy

Talk about humanity, what’s wrong and what is right You take a human being and strip them of their life A tormented soul, trapped and left to decay In

Rest In Pieces – Atrophy

Work your ass off every day Nothing do you own Sold your soul to the system Another fucking clone Never ask for nothing Yet you gave and gave Now

Best Defense – Atrophy

Our land, our home, America the free Our vote decides the future can’t you see Their sim to serve, and protect what is theirs Too much at stake to

Matter Of Attitude – Atrophy

Always put others down, passing out the blame Ignorance and your attitude make you all the same Never try to befriend, never lend a hand Draw so many barriers,

Puppies And Fiends – Atrophy

Locked away, I’m hidden from your sight Forced to live in artificial light Made to suffer because of what I’m not A casualty in a war that must be

Socialized Hate – Atrophy

Solo: Chris Throughout our troubled history man’s exploited fellow man. Displaying xenophobic fear that’s hard to understand Centuries ago in Europe things were different than today Foreigners were treated