Performer ATTACKER

Sleepy Hollow – Attacker

Racing through forests night His heads is nowhere to be found It’s a terryfying sight Hew scours ’round the countryside Silver blade in hand No citizen is safe tonight

The Unknown – Attacker

Within my eyes All knowing despair Deep down inside Dark deceiver Betrayer of man Blackest of hearts Chorus: Escape the unknown Be led to your demise Escape the unknown

Desecration – Attacker

Who has put out the sun Mother earth filled with fire From the w0rds of a l1ar Stands the men with no minds Who are the leaders of the

Devil’s War – Attacker

Misery fills us all Dread of our death Permeates that we sense Fear of death Rings in my head Battlefield lay strait ahead No surrender now It’s life or

Kick Your Face – Attacker

Leather chains, time for show C’mon people get up and go Flashwg lights show begins We all kwow metal wins Beer drinkers, hell raisers and Headbangers wanna cheer Stand

Jack – Attacker

In the shadow lurks this evil Twisted soul, his heart grows gold Anger brewing, tension seetheing Psychopath is on the loose taking life, his hatred crime No one stops

Revelations Of Evil – Attacker

Winds howl with silence as they roar Masses fight the crown we defend Waiting for their savior to descend They look for their salvation Escape their own damnation To

Zero Hour – Attacker

Their visions entangle your minds Sound of footsteps behind you Makes sanity so hard to find Minutes seem like days While you wait in fear Hours seem like years

Tortured Existence – Attacker

Shrouded in darkness, longs for the past Blackhearted creature, night in his life Curse of the undead, remains his plight Lovely young victim lies dead on the floor Draining

The End – Attacker

Thunder rumbles, angels cry Storms are coming from heavens above The beginning of the end, has just begun You were told (to clean up your act, you’ve got only

Your Own World – Attacker

A wall made up of nothing but lies I’ll never be inside the world you call your own I cannot surrender to this grieving My pride is crying for

Forgotten – Attacker

Nobody cares if you live or you die The powers that be they just can’t find the time To care for thei own, now that’s surely a crime What

The Madness – Attacker

Keeper of sin An unspoken evil That traps him within Madness is building inside of him Terror os taking control Wickedness rules beside him His terror will only console

Until We Meet Again – Attacker

I don’t want to learn of life too late And then when they are gone We seem to fill up with self hate I wish I could have been

Soul Taker – Attacker

Way back in the dark, a forsaken land Taker of souls into the depths of hell Taker of souls on earth he dwells Taker of souls can you hear

Raging Fist – Attacker

This one being night In shadows of solitude Situation now arise What’s this they tell me The tale of his sins En route to emptiness Relive the brutality Here

Blessed With This Curse – Attacker

Dilating eyes begin to change Shape shifting, shooting pain Dominates my body, intense strain Reborn eternally New victim smiles while she bleeds What will become of me (of me)

Lords Of Thunder – Attacker

They’re the keepers of the land Nothing we do can even fight them They can crush us with a hand They’re turning your head Make you look at the