Getaway Car – Audioslave

A cyclone all alone in the field With railyards and clovers, I kept rollin’ on Never thought you’d wind up chasin’ me Settle down I won’t hesitate To hit

Cochise – Audioslave

while you been coughin I’ve been drinking life while you been nauseous and so I drink to health while you kill yourself and I got just one thing that

Sound Of A Gun – Audioslave

down among the young and the old. With the moon and the ground I play, with my children in my home. This is for the daughters and sons, of

Gasoline – Audioslave

i just want to go for a ride out an on thought i’d set this room a light left alone forever and for crimes unclear with my patience gone

Like A Stone – Audioslave

In a room full of emptiness By a freeway I confess I was lost in the pages Of a book full of death Reading how we’ll die alone And

Set It Off – Audioslave

Gathering the flock And getting there with no directions And underneath the arch It turned into a march And there he found the spark to Set this fucker off

The Worm – Audioslave

When I hated everything Born too young, top of my lungs Sitting on the bottom rung Took advice from the wrong shoulder Took a lot of everything I’ve decided

Revelations – Audioslave

Since you know everything just clue me in, I am such a wreck, I am such a mess, I know what I know, why don’t you fill in the

Bring ‘Em Back Alive – Audioslave

to the center of the sun when i lost my wings and i fell into the crowd and they carried me to a hole in the ground and they

Wide Awake – Audioslave

Twelve hundred people dead or left to die Follow the leaders with an eye For an eye you’d all be blind Deaf or murdered, of this im sure In

One And The Same – Audioslave

but they’re gonna come kill you. They don’t mean any harm it’s just what they do. Could be your mother, could be your father, or your best friend in

Jewel Of The Summertime – Audioslave

Burnt face, shadow’s erased and I knew I’d be alright left that behind me, uh-huh Somethin’ blinded me, uh-huh That reminded me, uh-huh Of a better space and time,

Shape Of Things To Come – Audioslave

and a few more grains of sand will fall, on the colorful flowers grown upon the dust and moss. Now I fear the worst is near. I hold them

The Last Remaining Light – Audioslave

Break my bones to watch them heal Drown me in your thirsty veins Where I’ll watch and I’ll wait And pray for the rain Curl like smoke and breath

Moth – Audioslave

As a game I put my hand over the flame I thought I was smarter as I flew into the sun But it turned out the way it does

Your Time Has Come – Audioslave

and he never woke up And now one died in pieces whose been with a mouthful of ghosts And one threatning long ago i saw him melt in the

Shadow On The Sun – Audioslave

i was of the mind to lay your burden down and leave you where you stood and you believed i could you’d seen it done before i could read

Show Me How To Live – Audioslave

I couldn’t buy an eyeful of sleep. And in the aching night under satellites, I was not received. Built with stolen parts, A telephone in my heart, Someone get

Heaven’s Dead – Audioslave

Hide in the hours before sunrise Pray for me not, I won’t lose sight Of where I belong and where you lie Heaven’s dead when you get sad

Original Fire – Audioslave

The original fire has died and gone, but the riot inside moves on. The original fire has died and gone, but the riot inside moves on. The original fire